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located in Japan, a part of How To Deal With A Demon, one of the many universes on RPG.


The country of Japan.


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Character Portrait: Eris Jones Character Portrait: Molyneux
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Eris smiled faintly, taking his words at face value. "True. Although I would hope most demons would hesitate to take a child, I know that could be naive."

She scoffed. "Sure, I'll try that, but I warn you, I'm not really used to socializing with women, I've typically had male friends."

Walking up to the door, she knocked politely. A woman, appearing human other than the smell of what Eris could only label some kind of canine, appeared as the door opened to reveal her face and a small portion of her body. Her eyes were red and swollen with tears, overwhelming her small face. No bigger than Eris herself, which didn't mean much when it came to demons, she still looked helpless.

"Hello?" She said, her voice wavering and thin."Who are you?"

"Good evening," Eris said, trying for a reassuring smile--no teeth as a matter of course, attempting to go for as friendly as a horned girl could. "We've been sent to see if we can do anything to help," she looked down the street, assuming that even in a largely demon neighborhood there might be interfering mortal ears.

"Oh." The woman looked uncertain, examining them, and reluctantly opened the door wider. "Come in."

Eris walked in, taking off her shoes in the entryway and stepping up onto the floor in her socks, following the woman to a small living room. The house was well furnished and coordinated, almost as if from a magazine, with details here and there that pointed towards an affluent family.

"I'm Eris Jones, and you are?" She left Molyneux to introduce himself. Or not, as she was unsure how he usually handled these situations.

"Ahhh," the woman looked discomfited. "I'm Mrs. Kobayashi."

"I realize this is a difficult situation, but we need to know as much as we can about what happened if we are to help you find your child. Could you tell us what happened, from the beginning, please?"

Mrs. Kobayashi shifted in her seat. "This morning I took my daughter to school. Natsuko, that's her name, but we call her Suki. And I..." her voice trailed off as she wiped her eyes with a wad of tissues clenched in her other hand, sniffling a little, but managing to hold herself together. "After school, I picked her up, and we went for a run. There's a patch of woods not too far from here, and, well, with our young it's best that they get a run in as much as possible. It helps them keep from, well, changing anything. And we were in the woods, and we were there longer than I'd planned, and it was getting dark, but she was having so much fun, and I..." she caught her breath on a sob, "I wanted her to have a bit of fun before she started on her homework. She has a lot more this year and I hate to see her cooped up inside too long." She covered her mouth, fighting sobs again.

"We understand," Eris soothed. It's completely understandable."

Mrs. Kobayashi collected herself and went on. "We were heading back towards the car, when all of a sudden, Suki disappeared. I thought she'd just gone behind the trees, so I went to look, but she was just ... gone. And I searched and searched for her scent trail, but I was never trained, and it was hours before my mate came, and--" she breathed in, shakily, covering her face again. A man came out of the back, his clothes in disorder.

"I've searched and searched," he said wearily. "I can't find anything." He looked suspiciously at the strangers, with an edge of resentment. "And I don't know that the Council," he spat out, "can do anything at all to help us."

Eris smiled again, trying for sincere. "We will do our best, sir. We are highly motivated to find your daughter, and as quickly as possible. Do you have anything with her scent on it, a strong one?"

He sneered. "If I couldn't find her trail, I highly doubt you can, whatever you are." His wife caught his arm, and he acquiesced to her pleading glare. He left for a moment, and returned with her backpack.

"This should do it." Tossing it at her, he returned to his wife's side. Whatever mates meant in this particular type of werewolf demon, it seemed to be a deep connection. From her reading, however, it did not mean a mystical connection of any sort that might extend to children, giving them another way to track lost loved ones, which was unfortunate.

Eris took a deep sniff. She wasn't trained in tracking, not really, but she'd followed scent before. It had even saved her life a few times, so she was unwilling to skip even the smallest advantage they might have in their pursuit of the child. Poor thing.