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located in The Republic, a part of The Gilded, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Republic



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His words alone were enough to send little jolts of happiness through her, her face instantly splitting into a smile as she giggled, happily leaning up on her toes to reach the crown. Stepping nearer, she slipped her arms around his neck briefly, cheek squished against his as she smiled brightly. Her lips brushed over his jaw, just barely enough to be considered a kiss. “Thank you sir..” Canan murmured, lashes - covered with infinitesimally small diamonds - fluttering shut and brushing his cheek.

When his attention turned from her, she fell quiet, fingers absentmindedly curling against him as she let her eyes wander, simply nodding to the others of higher status than her when they approached her Master. Her ears pricked up at the mention of the cold, subconsciously pressing closer to Silas as she tugged her furs tighter around her lithe form, too susceptible to the cold even safe indoors.

Silas’ hand pulled her from her thoughts, pale eyes turning up to him as she followed blindly, hardly even acknowledging Xena before she realized she was being rude. Canan turned to her, leaning her head on Silas’ shoulder and giving a small wave, quickly distracted by the flowers. She knew nothing of their talks, of the protests, of the fact that people even thought there was something wrong with Gildeds. Her life was perfect. She grew up happy, completely blind to the abuse she was put through, gladly accepting it all.

Something as small as catching Silas’ eye again made her porcelain features light up, tucking her feet under her thighs as she curled into his side, carefully running her fingers over the collar made of sapphires.