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located in Meadhold, a part of Legends of Gialpha, one of the many universes on RPG.


South west coastal region


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"Mmh well...I know how to do that as well but....this is involves a lot less sweating and folding and banging things into shapes." Kylin said simply, glancing up at Kaldon from his work. He took the pouch and set about using one of Kaldon's bowls to crush the bloodroot into using the back of his ice dagger as a makeshift pestle. He added a slight bit of water to it until it offered the exact shade and consistency of human blood. "Its the same ritual magic though, chanting, symbol inscriptions and infusion techniques. The stuff I do isn't nearly as potent as what's infused in that hilt though."

While Kaldon was gone he'd cleared a large space for him to work in and using a piece of charcoal he'd found in one of his pouches marked out on the floor where he was to place certain items. Kylin scraped the blood red solution into the kettle he'd emptied and set it over the fire to heat it a bit. They'd need to wait a bit before Ro-an came back with the rest of his supplies, he decided to use this chance to explain what he was doing.

"The magic infused in that hilt is powerful, beyond any kind of battle stuff that most people use, even beyond normal curses including the really old ones. They made this to be something that could overcome anything, and when magic gets that powerful it....sort of develops a character of its own. It wants to be put back together again, all we have to do is channel what's already in there to do it, give it a little direction. Unfortunately someone's going to have to channel all that since the only communication we have with the hilt is through its visions."

Kylin smiled brightly. "Now, I've seen what highly powerful magic infused weapons can do, you've seen Victor right? He was under the influence of a cursed sword and...well... I'm not channeling this thing, so you, Pike and the other two can draw straws on who gets their mind yanked into the past for a bit. I hate to single you out specifically but I will note that the fact that your blood relative helped make this thing might make this process go smoother.....or...cause things to go terribly wrong..."

Kylin murmured the last bit, his gaze drifting away from Kaldon. It really did depend on the hilt, he wasn't sure if it was inherently....dark and therefor malevolent or if the makers of the weapon merely feared whomever wielded it. It would be terribly unfortunate if Kaldon lost his mind and became exactly what the makers of the weapon had feared. Kylin was fairly certain that the magic in the weapon wasn't that sort, however.