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located in The Republic, a part of The Gilded, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Ren watched as the woman fawned over Meredith's gown.

"She is beautiful." The voice startled him out of his focus. Beside him had appeared a woman, another Gilded, with dark hair and a coy tilt to her head. "You're new," she said. "My name is Luisa."

"She is, isn't she? I'm Ren," he replied. "Is it that obvious? You must come to a lot of these then." He took a long sip of his punch, forgetting the alcohol content for a second. His face scrunched up before he fixed it into a friendly smile. "So tell me, Luisa," he said, pulling her name out half a second longer. "Should I trust the water, or is it just straight vodka?"

The crowd ebbed and flowed until Meredith was out of his direct line of sight, but he clamped down on the lump of anxiety that arose in his throat. His heart rate accelerated, but there was nothing he could do about that besides breathing steadily. Here was a chance to branch out beyond the apartment building, and Ren wasn't going to waste it by worrying about being ten feet from Meredith or saying the wrong thing.

"Any advice for a newcomer?" he asked, his voice turning up and a playful grin on his face. "I wouldn't want to screw anything up."