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located in The Republic, a part of The Gilded, one of the many universes on RPG.

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"I won't tell a soul," Xena said in response to Silas while wearing a playful smile. She mimed zipping her mouth up and tossing the key aside, always a fan of being a little theatrical in her interactions. Her long legs moved in stride with the men. Like an elegant sailboat, it was almost as if she was floating across the courtyard. There were times and places for her broad and powerful walk, but tonight she was going enjoy filling her movements with grace and feminity.

Her tight red bun bobbed as she nodded her head at Silas' humble compliment. "Yes, I'm afraid you wouldn't have lasted very long in the medical field," she said. "One does need a heart and a brain to be a physician," Xena retorted with a spirited light in her eye. She chuckled softly at her own joke before being drawn to Edmund, who was fussing about her greeting toward him.

Edmund was charming enough that his comments didn't bother Xena. "Please," she oozed, ready to fire something back. "If you deserved a kiss and hug you would have gotten them," Xena said before grabbing a new drink from a wandering waiter. Normally, those sort of comments would rile out a couple of sharp words from Xena, but tonight she was determined to play nice with the boys. After all, she spent most of her days arguing with half of the men at this party. It was time to give her big mouth a rest for once.

Xena looked at Edmund with enough attention that most would be fooled into thinking she was actually listening to him. Instead she caught a glimpse of Alanus. The clumsy wolf of his was disturbing a Gilded. Xena instantly regretting letting Alanus bring the mutt. Regardless of how she felt about Gilded, he and his pet were still a direct reflection of her status. Xena watched the exchange, glad that the Gilded wasn't some spoiled brat and seemed to find humor in the exchange.

Drawing her attention back, an older man approached the group. He walked with importance, but Xena couldn't quite place his name. She knew that he was someone that she should know, but failed at grasp anything useful before he spoke. "A pleasure," Xena said to the man before reaching her hand out to be received by him. "Xena Dawn, CEO of Arcadia General Hospital," she stated almost mechanically. Her name and title seemed interchangeable at times, but she never failed to address both when introducing herself to someone new.