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The woman seemed pleasantly surprised at Meredith's comment. "I must say, it's quite interesting to see such a young artist here. What's you're name darling?".

"Meredith. Meredith Joplin".

She could see the recognition of her last name bloom across the woman's face. "A Joplin? How refreshing, do tell your parents to get out more their absence in the community is quite upsetting" She said an utterly fictitious smile across her face. The obvious jab at her parents threw her off but also irritated her. She had to bite her tongue to keep from letting out harsh retort, and instead let out a small laugh. "Of course, ever since they fancied themselves with skypool they never leave the house. They're practically prunes", the woman seemed to play into her subtle humor and laughed. Before she could open her mouth again Meredith was quick to speak, "Lavender would be such an alluring color on you, have you ever worn a shift dress? I have the most lovely design in mind". The woman seemed thrown off by the comment but seemed intrigued by her offer. "I can't help but say I'm interested. I'm Vera Nguyen, I happen to have a gala next weekend. I'd love if you called me and talked more about this lavender dress." Meredith offered the woman a satisfied smile and a nod, "Of course". The woman opened her mouth to say something but seemed to get distracted at something behind Meredith, after a moment she turned back. "I'm terribly sorry but I must cut this conversation short, don't forget to call and have a wonderful evening Meredith" With that the woman gathered the linen of her black dress and walked off towards a group of other partygoers.

Meredith couldn't contain her pleasant smile and she suddenly realized she had entirely forgotten about Ren. He would've been proud to hear of her conversation but as she scanned the party she couldn't find him. After a moment she realized she was trying to look for her Gilded instead of talking to a courtyard of potential clients and friends. Her brother would've scolded her. He was probably just fancying himself with the catering, or maybe he had found someone to talk to. Nonetheless she trusted him, and focused back on to the bustling party around her.