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"I know why the caged bird sings."

{ Bird Set Free | Sia }

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Her entire life, or at least, as far as she could remember, Doll had been dancing to the tunes of whatever strings the Beings pulled. She would kneel when told, bark when ordered, and danced until her feet ached and toes bled. It was Zero who had offered to change all of this. From the moment they had met her entire world had been rocked, changed forever in the best of ways. Throwing the collar, teaching her to read, offering protection, these were all things that had made Doll feel a sense of belonging. She had always been an outsider looking in, but at the Atarashi household she was included. No one ever made Doll feel as though she truly had a place by their side, not until Zero held out his hand in those first few minutes of their first meeting.

"Family," a word so foreign and yet, so impossibly familiar. Had Doll ever had a family? She didn't think so, not until this moment. A dream she had never realized she wanted, until Ren accepted her, had mentioned that she was now stuck with them. Tears welled up in her eyes, but Doll didn't want to cry, she wanted to be brave for Zero's sake. Surely the answer lay somewhere within this mystery maze of twists and turns? The ghost of halls that were vaguely familiar which Doll had once walked herself but could no longer recollect except in vague puzzle pieces that would make no senses until they were all locked in place. Even now, standing before Ren, Doll had no clue as to how they were going to save Zero. Would the information left for them by Ren and Zero's father be the final piece to the puzzle?

"I always wanted a family."

Doll's feet led her in a way her memory never could. A strange thought occurred to her, that perhaps the loss of her memories was a purposeful act. Perhaps she had been erased? Erased and yet, Doctor Atarashi had found her. Had she been meant to choose what sort of life she wanted to live? To exist within the confines of human or being rather than balancing the staunch tightrope society had laid out upon the first discovery of Beings. "It's in here," Doll gestured to the space they stood inside of. Golden runes were scrawled across the walls that carried no significant meaning to the blonde. "But I don't know what any of this means," Doll ran her hand along the wall, coughing as dust particles filled the air and entered her lungs. The runes glimmered in what little light was provided by a singular flickering bulb. "Can you read it?"