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Laurence was relatively late and he knew it. The new year had begun with a bang for him as he had just about sold almost all of the cars within his lot that afternoon. He took his team of employees out for a celebratory evening and now, he was getting out his limo and fixing the middle button of his blazer to snap it close as he looked at Silas' home. With a breath, Laurence closed the door behind him and proceeded to walk closer and closer towards the building where the party resided. The door opened for him and he stood there, smirking as his eyes danced around the place, from person to person, until he spotted the host of the evening, Silas. He was unfortunately surrounded by a horde of people so Laurence grabbed himself a drink from the bar and went over to where a blonde, who he heard many muttered about and her name being Meredith. The other person beside her was no other than Aristotle, or Aris, as he liked to be called someone who has made quite the name for himself.

Upon his entrance towards the duo, his eyes scanned over them both then went over towards Aris as he placed his hand upon his shoulder. "Oh, Aristotle, still using those same pick up lines?" Laurence mused in his presence as his gaze bounced over towards Meredith with a smile. "I am sure this young lady did not buy one word of that." His voice muttered softly as his gaze went over towards Silas now as he leaned against the bar gently. Laurence continued to eye Silas until he would look his way so that Laurence could raise his glass up towards him and give him a thumbs up, a signal for a great party. Even though Laurence had just arrived but that was something he was going to keep to himself.

A charming smile came over his facial features as he eyed Aristotle again. "So, are you even enjoying the party, Aris? Or just getting on everyone's nerves again?" Laurence took a sip from his drink after a small chuckle as he waited for a reply from Aris.