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located in London, a part of Damages Beyond Compare, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Noella Kristen Lyssa Character Portrait: Grayson Oliver Carson Character Portrait: Vitane Todd Character Portrait: Forrest Carson
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Hex Code:#8600A1
Location: Transported to Dungeon

Lifeless eyelids trembled weakly against blinding rays of sunlight that poured inside the back of the now ajar doors of the truck. The girl dared not open her eyes. She had been thrown into the vehicle some time ago, and had absolutely no recollection of where she had been, or how much time had passed since she had arrived. She groaned in distaste, holding up her skimpy arm to hide at least her eyes from the unrelenting ball of light. She was tugged forcefully out of her sitting position and in an instant, she hit the dirt ground. Hard. Her tightened eyes yielded the only agony she felt from the sudden drop. She was picked up swiftly and her legs could barely hold her up from the lack of use. She wiggled some on her unstable limbs as she managed to finally grow accustomed to the shining daylight. Two men in matching uniforms held either arm and guided her towards an unimaginably huge castle. Her eyes widened at the mass of just the exterior. It was an architect masterpiece with dark gray stones, a draw bridge and even a rising metal gate with spikes that inserted into the ground.
"What the hell?" She questioned aloud as she examined the gate with curiosity. The guard to her left tugged her quickly, as if trying to keep her from talking or something.
"Hey, what the fuck man?" Her voice raised some, her slim brows lowered angrily. The man to her right came close to her ear.
"For your own safety, the masters must not know you are on premises at this time. They aren't getting along at the moment and we wouldn't want anyone harmed because of it...Things get pretty...uh toasty around here." After that they both stayed quiet for a while. What could he possibly mean? Toasty? Vitane had never heard something so absurd. She rolled her eyes, but decided to comply only because she didn't want to get shoved again. She swallowed saliva from her now dry mouth as she entered the corridor. A giant gothic chandelier hung low from a very high ceiling - it was at least fifty feet above her - she could nearly reach up and touch the centerpiece of the room but she was carried away from it. She wondered why the place was so magnificent. Were there kings here?
She was led into another room. One that had a fireplace covering almost the entire wall. It would need entire tree trunks just to be the logs. There was a single seat placed in front of it atop a tiger rug. From her distance, it was hard to tell if there was someone sitting in it or not.
The room across from the one she left housed shelves that reached the high ceiling and expanded along either side of the wall. The men closed the door behind them silently as to not disturb anyone, she assumed, and on the wall with the door she took in the incredible grandfather clock and sitting area lavished with leather seats and couches and a glass table with detailed engravings.
"This way." The man on the left gruffed, tugging her along again. They were headed to a winding staircase that went...down? How much ground did this thing cover? Miles? It was hard to tell how far back it went from just the front door.
It began to grow much darker as the group descended the steps. Stench of sewer and scurrying of rats was the first thing she identified. It took a lot for her to get scared, but she was starting to get creeped out a bit because she was starting to realize where she was. A legitimate dungeon with steel iron crossed bars and cold stone floors. She squinted her eyes in the near dark and could see the outline of a figure, definitely a female who seemed to have...bright white hair? Cool. She smirked to herself as they passed the other girls cell. They stopped at the next cell door. Hay littered the ground and a wooden bench with a pillow seemed to be the only place that looked decent enough to touch.
"What is this?" She huffed in an annoyed voice. She wasn't used to this kind of treatment. Naturally she was the one sitting in the chair in front of the fire place, enjoying a good book or using new art supplies.
The man that had been on the left laughed evily and the other man seemed to almost be sad for her. "I'm sorry miss. This is where you will be staying from now on. Someone will bring you new clothes and a blanket and some food later. You will meet the masters on your own time."
"You mean their own time." The other guard guffawed and the first guard hit him across the head. "At least try to be a little sympathetic Damon!" The guard yelled in a hushed whisper.
"What the fuck are you people even talking about? What is this? Why the fuck am I even here anyway and who the hell are these "masters" you dipshits can't stop obsessing over?"
The nicer guard opened his mouth to speak, but received a silent stare from the one he addressed as Damon and stopped. "I'm sorry ma'am." He apologized, seeming to be sincere. He unlatched the door with an over-sized iron key and lightly nudged her inside and closed and locked the door behind her. They both left in a hurry and shut the door behind them, another large clunk confirmed that they locked that door too.
Vitane groaned and turned around on the ball of her foot to face the opposing wall of the small structure she was now held in. She went to one of the three rock walls and knocked on it. It was too thick to dig out of. Even if she had the best tools. This place was reinforced on purpose. There was a single window that was at least seven feet high and it was only half a foot in length so she could tell the sun was starting to go down somewhat. It was probably 5:00 in the afternoon. She attempted to find some sort of foot hole to hoist herself a little higher in an attempt to peer out the window but the second her foot found a good spot, vicious barking could be heard from the entrance to her cell.
Two large black dogs with scruffy fur and extra sharpened teeth snarled at her from the other side. Although there was a thick door keeping them separated, it still startled her when one stuck its muzzle in between the metal. She dropped down and flattened herself against the back wall across from them and sighed in relief that they were as far from her as they were and that they had stopped making so much noise. They must have been specially trained to know what to look for in someone escaping.
"Brilliant." She muttered and slumped down and crossed her legs, leaning her head against the bench-like bed. This was her first realization that she could see into the cell next to her. It had the same cross hair metal as the door did, but the space was a little wider so nearly a whole hand could go through with spread fingers. She sighed and clenched her jaw to keep it from quivering. She wasn't about to cry now.

Hex Code: #0A0A8E
Location: Grand Fireplace Living Room

A largely drawn out sigh escaped from exasperated lips. One hand held onto Forrest's face, a single finger tapping against his chin, while the other hand held open the newspaper from town.
He grunted discontentedly and flung the newspaper at the fire.
It immediately ignited and the fire grew a little brighter as he heard the guards come by and unlatch the door to the library, but he had paid no mind.
He sat in the only seat of one of the living room's, in his lap, a slight lizard looking being laid at peace. If you were to look much closer you could see the miniature wings tucked underneath it's stomach. The beast was clearly asleep, it's back raising and lowering slowly as it did so.
Soon he would go and greet the newcomers that were now dwelling in the lower dungeons, but he didn't want to wake his new pet.
He waited, trying to stay patient. His brother should have heard the guards arrive with the second girl so he knew Grayson would enter the room soon and they would head off together.
The two had gone through several manila folders. Each one labeled to a certain woman between the ages of 20 and 30. They each had taken careful time, picking through the stacks and found girls that seemed to match themselves in personality and hotheadedness. Although they were their new pets, they were also guests here and unbeknownst to them, the dungeon was merely temporary. Both brother's had prepared a room for their woman of choice and each would take them to their own rooms after introductions.