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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2709965

located in London, a part of Damages Beyond Compare, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Hex Code: #8040FF
Location: Dungeons

It proved to be the haunting silence, the way it wrapped it's arctic, piercing fingers around her neck that paralysed Noella the most.
She was going to die here, locked in isolation, with no one expect the sadistic demons who would laugh as her crimson blood trickled amongst the fresh hay, to hear her screams. Gritting her teeth together with such force Noella wouldn't be surprised if they shattered beneath it, she delicately rubbed her hand against her clad arms. Silently vowing to herself that she would die a tortured death before giving the bastards the pleasure of seeing her wither away with pain.
Her crumpled silver hair fell before her eyes, purposefully covering the crimson blood that had stained the wall, her stone cell radiating chilling air that latched onto her skin. Her filthy skin was smothered with noticeable goosebumps; Noella's body desperately fighting to keep her warm as the painfully cold air welcomed her into its numb embrace. Fuck em, fuck every single one of those fucking bastards.
Curling her knees deeper against her hollow stomach, Noella uncurled her fists to raise them to her bruised cheek, she had no doubt a bloody hideous bruise was already forming beneath the layers of dirt and blood that caked her face.
I hope that fucking guard lost his monstrous finger, I hope he endured a world of suffering before his bloody friend swooned to his aid.
The metallic tang of blood still lingered on her tongue, her cheek throbbed in agony at the memory as the man's hand had connected with her flesh; the sound of a whip cracking had filled the glooming dungeon. It was worth every second of pain and humiliation, Noella calmly reminded herself, a wicked smile rising upon her cracked, bleeding lips as she recalled the plain shock on his face.
The way he had screamed as blood poured onto the stoned floors; soon followed by a clump of his index finger.
She didn't allow herself to think of the consequences that would follow for injuring one of their servants. Didn't allow herself to notice the unbearable lump that sat at the back of her dry throat.
She had no doubt they would make her death a slow and agonising one, if they were anything like the stories she had heard, anything like them.
No, she couldn't think of them. Not now.
They could haunt her dreams tonight, but not now.
Noella was savouring the guards memorable cries of torment, her eyes closed against the dim light that poured out from the barred window behind her onto the golden hay, when they brought the girl in.
At first glimpse, Noella watched her with intriguing, interested eyes, her figure hiding in the welcoming shadows of her cell as the girl was escoteted, if one wanted to put it politely, to her awaiting cell beside her. If the women hadn't been half as lean and without beautiful, vivid blue hair, Noella would have mistaken her for a petty, unfortunate child, it wasn't until the woman stood beside her she realised her mistake.
Squinting against the blinding darkness, she was able to hear as the woman frantically searched the cell, desperation seeping deep into her bones, nestling into her core. Noella wanted to laugh at her attempts, that she had mimicked upon her own arrival, but she doubted her shattered chuckle would do anything productive, beside, her gut hollered, screamed, that she would need to save every single futile scrap of energy she had left.
Cleaning her bloody face with her hands the water that trickled down the stone walls best she could, she returned to her original spot, her back pressed against the wall behind her.
Noella moved her cracked lips back into a snarl, her shattered, raw voice inaudible over the bloodthirsty barking and barbaric snarls delivered from the black coated mutts opposite their cells.
The agony that their barks promised sent shivers along Noella's spine.
Well fuck.
Starring into the glowing red haunting eyes of the beasts that hid amongst the shadows before them, Noella closed her eyes as the woman beside her slipped down the wall, slumping against the floor with a sigh before muttering something that Noella strained to hear.
She wondered if the girl had even noticed her or is she had been completely enwrapped in regards to her own fear and dread. She wondered if she was crying in the darkness of her cell as she had wanted nothing more than to do, time trickling through her clammy hands.
She could almost hear death's footsteps marching closer, like illuminating thunder booming against her pierced ears.
"So, on a scale of completely screwed to utterly fucked... how far up shit creek do we think we are, my dear?"
The rawness of her own voice startled her in the silence.
A small lady who had been dressed in a simple brown woollen dress had arrived an hour ago, offering her a jug of water, she and sounded nice enough, but Noella didn't trust anything in this hellhole. Most off all little ladies who scuttled around, cleaning up the shit of the supernaturals.
She smiled as she recalled the startled eyes that had greeted her as Noella had told she exactly what she could do with herself, and the water.
She didn't need to play her role, not yet anyway.
But soon, very soon.
"I am Noella, by the way, although I highly doubt you were wondering, I think we both have far more important and pressing matters to think about. Introductions can wait, I believe."
Her voice remained emotionless as she forced herself up, reaching out against the woven bars, ignoring the cruel bite of coldness from the metal, Noella futilely attempted to stable herself, her head swimming, spinning. Waves crashing against her as she was dragged under by the dizziness, despite her struggles, she couldn't tell if her body was standing or falling until she crashed back against the awaiting ground.
Clenching her jaw with unyielding force, Noella placed her hand against her throbbing back, swallowing a rampage of curses that threatened to spill from her mouth.
Figuring it was safer to remain seated until the sedative had released its suffocating grasp, she turned her blurry gaze to the woman beside her. Finding the dark bruises that were already beginning to form on her bone thin arms, Noella found a smirk tugging at the corner of her lip, she was thankful that someone who was willing to fight with blood dripping from their fingers to get out of this shit hole was beside her.
She can handle herself. Good. We'll be needing that.
Ripping her eyes away from the thin figure beside her, Noella studied her own arms, the tattoo sleeves that encased her tanned arms, the dark ink matching the sinister air that hung between them.
And if she really focused, allowed her mind to wander far enough, she could almost image the monster who brought her here head's trapped beneath her crushing grip, its lungs gasping desperately for air that it cannot find.
The thought did nothing but cause her eyes to blur, tears threatening to spill over, the back of her throat burning as she swallowed back a sob.
No, not now you pathetic girl. You can cry when you're free, you can cry as you watch these monster's crimson blood trickles onto the marble floor. Then, you can cry.