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It would be a great understatement to say that Ren didn't get out much. Approximately 99 percent of his human contact came from Meredith. Most days, he didn't particularly mind that, but it was still nice to hear someone new laugh with him. He'd worried that he wouldn't make a good impression on these people from the second Meredith told him about the invitation. He couldn't help glancing her way, every few seconds getting a passing glimpse of that blonde hair or that shimmering gown, but the crowd still kept her almost completely obscured from him.

Luisa's smile settled over him warmly. "You're doing well so far," she assured him. Logically, he knew she was right about letting Meredith go. It would never stop him from worrying, but she should be allowed to make business connections without him getting underfoot. They spent every single day together; one night spent 20 feet apart wasn't going to whisk her away from him forever.

"I guess she's finding clients," he said. "Wowing people with her designs and such. She's really quite talented, if I say so myself." Even he could hear the pride in his voice. "Afar. That's the hard part," he replied as he watched Luisa sip her martini. Ren took a pull from his own drink just as she asked where he was from.

His mind flashed to dirt roads and small, old-fashioned houses before he pulled himself back to the present. "It's this little city," he began with a wistful smile, "about 100 or so miles from here. Resurrection, it's called. Really tiny, actually. The nearest hospital was 20 miles away. What about you?" he asked, the need to deflect from his excess information rising in his throat. "Where are you from?"