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Snippet #2711956

located in New Midgard, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Midgard

New Midgard, the capital city of Ouroboros and a major economic center for the Republic.


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Character Portrait: Seth Libanori Character Portrait: Daisy Weldon Character Portrait: Hex Corp unit 001
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And just like that bullets were flying and Daisy had stuffed a pistol in his hands while hiding behind one of the sturdy wood tables. "Damn it Daisy!" He shouted over the sudden chaos in the bar. Seth sighed heavily, unable to keep the lyrics from an old Ok Go song from running through his head as they dug deeper into the mess Daisy had started.

The table of undesirables had jumped at the shooting, which triggered an all out bar brawl, except everyone was armed to the teeth and had probably killed before. Seth watched as a number of more sane patrons met their demise trying to escape through the front entrance, clearly they had overwatch. Then from the back an oversized Robocop marched in and started ordering people to lower their weapons. "Ha, must be new to the area." Seth mussed. Clearly they hadn't been too adverse to a scene.

One unlucky patron came around the table and raised a knife, prompting Seth to fire the pistol Daisy had given him. For a moment Seth was shocked as a blast of plasma didn't blow the mans face off so much as melt strait through it. "Holy shit."

His mind was beginning to race, they had both entrances locked up and a room full of cut throats. Options were being dismissed as quickly as the came up. That's when he saw Sarah. The woman was laying there on the floor, not fighting, not pursuing, not engaging. A sound from behind him caught his ear.

Then a switch deep inside him flipped.

Seth sank into his own mind, the scene around him seemed to turn into a dream, though he knew it was very real. His body felt far away, like an out of body experience, except in reverse. He saw his hand raise with the pistol from Jarrako Downs, saw his finger hold the trigger down and the weapon begin to vibrate and glow. Up and around, his line of site came to a strange looking creature with a rifle pointed at him.

The blast was spectacular. The target and another victim behind it were nearly instantly vaporized. 

The pistol was turned on a third victim but offered a pathetic click and hiss when the trigger was pulled, still over heated from the previous blast. The target raised his own weapon at Seth, who saw his hands fly up, moving in swift arcs. His right palm made contact with the mans wrist just before his left made contact with the back of the hand. The sound of the bone snapping pierced clearly through to Seth’s hearing, in sharp contrast to the muffled din of the world around him. Continuing the left hands motion around guided the revolver around one hundred and eighty degrees. His right hand came strait back, finding its grip, finger slid easily to the trigger and continued back.

The back of the mans head exploded into the wall.

Seth's hand reached out and grabbed the now lifeless body, pulling it around and shoving it towards the front door where it might seem to be stumbling for an exit, attempting to draw the overwatches attention for the moment it took him to roll across the room toward Sarah's unmoving form, retrieving the plasma pistol as he did so. He would attempt to place the pistol against Sarah's head and use her to shift the status quo enough to make an escape. From within the prison of his own mind Seth still had those lyrics running through his head... seemed like a good idea at the time.