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located in Black and White, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.

Black and White



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Character Portrait: Frederick Bell
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With the whole school mapped out in his head, Frederick was working at a much faster pace than when he was sweeping. Knowing every area, he began to hard wax the floors while whistling a cheerful tune and singing to himself. "This is the janitor song that I totally came up with. With a one...a two...and a third sweep! I gotta mop, mop, mop and sweep! then I gotta sweep, sweep, sweep and mop!...wait...sweeping comes before the mopping right? I mean...I just swept than began to mop..." He soon stopped singing as his own song confused himself.

He scratched his head and began to ponder to himself. Man, he messed up on the janitor song. He was a bit to exited to clean and must have messed up that part of his song. WHile thinking to himself he had already mopped half the school and was continuing on the other half. "Oh who cares! Time to keep mopping...woah, I guess I was thinking really hard there. I am in another section of the school." He soon looked behind him and noticed the floors were all shiny and clean. "Wonder who mopped there?...Maybe my father came here and was secretly cleaning as well." Frederick laughed to himself as he shrugged and continued cleaning.