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located in Black and White, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.

Black and White



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Character Portrait: Yohan Belmont Character Portrait: Rina Jasmine Character Portrait: Sienna Cartlow Character Portrait: Taja Ondine Halterman Character Portrait: Miranda Wallace
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Sienna Cartlow

Sienna listened in for anything of importance in the rambling speech of the ten year old, vaguely identifying the boy named Yohan near the start. From there, though she took mild offense at the lack of faith in her ability, it was somewhat amusing to see her feline companion getting a little ruffled at implying her incapability due to being a ‘tiny cat’. Then came the further comments about her fitness, which Sienna snorted about. She didn’t exert herself unnecessarily, and leading didn’t have anything to do with how tough or fast you were. All you needed was the right head for it, and she was certain that she’d be more fit to direct them than the musclebound dimwit behind the counter. Voting was just as good as picking blind at this point. They’d be guessing based on looks and superficial information who’d be good to take charge. Still, she didn’t particularly care if she was ‘in charge’ or not. She’d make her own judgements what to do regardless. Yohan seemed to think following her was a good idea, but she had mixed feelings about that at this stage.

Then there was the elaborate tale of Taja, a ridiculous and what would have been considered the unbelievable imagination of a child if not for the present situation that Sienna and company found themselves in. Disembodied voices in her head? Visions of her? She’d call the girl mentally ill in almost any other circumstances. Here and now though, she had no choice but to believe her. Even so… Sienna wasn’t able to take the backhanded compliment without some hostility, narrowing her eyes. She’d graduated from bovine to still overweight but in what was considered an endearing way. Wonderful. Somehow, it was even more awkward the way such slang was being thrown around by a ten year old… Was that the voice in her head talking again? Regardless, Sienna simply hmmph’d again, though subconsciously folded her arms low over her stomach.

The focus of attention shifted back to Yohan, Taja now pressuring him for answers and responses, laying out her own reasoning for wanting to stay in this place. She wasn’t entirely wrong – for whatever reason they’d been lucky enough to have some refuge with this place. Still, it felt bad just to hole up in here and wait for morning, whatever that would be like. If they just delayed, it might work out, but Sienna just had a feeling in her gut that that wasn’t the case. They needed to work on finding a way out of here, and with no idea where they were or if there was any food or anything around, they needed to work on that sooner rather than later. Even if they could scavenge up stuff to live somewhere like here, Sienna had no intention of staying. She needed her comforts. Life wasn’t worth living if it was 100% crap and filled with struggle.

Before she got to chip in her own opinion, the earth trembled and knocked them about, Yohan quickly running to take a look outside. Great, what now? The runt seemed to shit his pants regarding whatever was out there, stumbling back from the door, then off to the corner to chuck his guts up. Sienna winced slightly. Well, the stench from that corner was gonna be another reason to hopefully leave soon. Ah well, Miranda’s problem. She was the one that wanted this shithole clean. Deciding that Yohan was too occupied to appropriately respond on what he saw, Sienna took charge to be the next to peek outside. What she saw was not comforting in the slightest, but she had more than enough mental fortitude to avoid a breakdown. She’d seen enough shit today that something like that was becoming par for the course.

“Well shit.” Sienna commented simply, looking back over her shoulder to the others. “Depending on what that thing and the little wolf things do, we’re either gonna be stuck here or will have to high tail it. And we’ll have to pick soon.” She added, making an annoyed sound with her tongue. “Though I’m gonna be honest, we might be fucked either way.”

Stepping back from the door to let someone else take a look, Sinopia was the next to speak to her. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ll do my best to protect you.” The demon cat cocked it’s head slightly, smiling sweetly. Sienna simply eyerolled as she made her way across the room. “I’m going to check the back, see if there’s another exit. We can try to board up the front door if there is, and we’ll slip out the back if it looks like that giant thing is gonna smash its way in here.”