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located in Montreal, a part of Montreal by Nyght, one of the many universes on RPG.


Oui, welcome to Montreal, the unhallowed city of the Sabbat.


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Character Portrait: Yoshimido Yumi Character Portrait: Samantha Krosswait Character Portrait: Brynjolf Keeger
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Setting: Streets of Montreal, Canada
Date + Time: 4.19.2kSeventeen 9:15 P

Having taken Yumi the better part of nearly three days to track her mark, was no easy task, given her particular set of skills. In the span of approximately the last fifteen hours, she knew Samantha was definitely from the University of the Streets, to keep such a low profile, virtually staying completely off the cyber grid as it were. Still, all one needed was a little time and a significant amount of patience. Yumi had been following her target, tailing the particular woman all day, while engaging one of her tricks, 'Twentyseven'.

She had even managed to pierce the veil in to the girl's mind on a few occasions, lightly touching at the edges of her consciousness, sensing only surface thoughts. It did little to provide much in the way of personal intel on Samantha, however, it did reveal some decent minor details in to the woman's more base motivations, explaining many of the typical patterns to her behavior. In one instance, something which Yumi had found to be strangely interesting, was a sort of extreme savage primal instinct that influenced her logical conclusions.

Yumi sat watching from the rooftop of the high rise, a habitually lit cigarette pinned between her lips. as pale smoke lingered about her every time she exhaled. With her custom anti material railgun sniper rifle resting against her shoulder, she never let her eyes stray far from the girl for even a moment. Watching Samantha from her reconnaissance position for the last hour and forty three minutes according to the ADEI in her head, closely observing the woman, quite impressed by her artistic skill and mastery as she witnessed Samantha cover an entire wall with a massive, flawlessly spray painted graffiti mural.

Attempting to keep herself occupied, Yumi started flipping cards while counting them, at the same time synthesizing materials in to compounds to make Semtex, creatively crafting several improvised explosive devices, if for no other reason than to idly pass the time. It wasn't until two strangers appeared from out of the darkness, that dynamically shifted her attention, as the two sent Samantha backing up against the wall, harassing the cornered girl. Yumi, showing no hesitation, stealthily slid in to action from her elevated location, engaging the sniper rifle at her side, cold and calculating as she passively assessed both targets prior to locking the crosshair of her sights on to the seemingly more aggressive fella on the left.

She lightly whistled the song of the mockingjay, echoing through the air at nigh inhuman frequencies, though it went wholly unnoticed by the two strangers, it had managed to catch the woman's awareness as she looked in Yumi's general direction. The instant the sound faded, a door opened, another player joined the game as they came in to view. "This shyt's starting to get a little more complicated than I anticipated." She whispered lowly, under her breath, with a quiet sigh. A rather tall male possessing a sort of Norse resemblance somewhere in his ancestral bloodline, proved to be an unknown variable to the situation.

"Yo!" one of the sketchy, stalker type fella's said. "Who the fuck are you?" Taking a single card from the stacked deck, pressing it softly to her lips, casually tossing it over the edge of the roof. Refocusing her aim on her original prey, executing him on the spot with a shot to the heart without making so much as a sound, the body fell to the ground just as the card dropped at the strangers feet only seconds after their arrival.

Swinging the rifle across her back, packing the IED along with the dead man's grip switch detonator in her messenger bag, before making her escape from the rooftop by rappelling down the side wall of the high rise. Yumi emerged, barely sprinting from the shadows of the narrow alley toward the assembling crowd, keeping her eyes on Samantha, though occasionally allowed herself to glance at the newcomer. "Friend, or enemy. . ." Yumi stated flatly, in a rather demanding tone, directing her words at the stranger, while attempting to place herself between Samantha and the others.