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located in Black and White, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.

Black and White



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Character Portrait: Frederick Bell
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As Fredrick finished mopping up the other half of the school, he wiped beads of sweat from his forehead. The only thing in his mind right now was how good of a job he did, he wondered how long it took. Was it eight hours? Ten hours maybe? In order to solve this fated mystery he just pulled up his sleeve and looked at the watch on his arm instead of guessing how long he took. "Four hours...hmmmm...I guess its not that bad." He shrugged to himself. Maybe there was a way for him to clean faster? Unless he trained himself more in the art of cleaning then his time would remain the same! He had to get faster at cleaning to do his father justice and the entire world of janitors justice as well!

Heading back to the receptionist desk, the woman looked up at him. "Something you need sir?" She asked him as she was working at the computer. "Oh, I just came here to find out what to do after I cleaned the whole school. The job did say it paid hourly so...Do I head to someone else or?..." Frederick explained.

The woman raised a brow at him, yes because someone managed to cleaned to whole school in at least four hours. She siged as she decided to look around the school to make sure he even sweeped and moped. In ten minutes she returned with surprise all over her face. "You...Actually cleaned the whole school?!...In just four hours...How?!" She asked almost stunned by what she has seen.

"Oh that...Yeah it was rather simple when you use more than one item to clean with. Heck, my father could clean much faster than what I did! As a janitor I make sure to do all the cleaning so everyone else does not have to walk in their own rubbish!" Frederick pumped a fist into the air as if cleaning was the greatest honor for him. The woman stared blankly at him before snapping a picture of him. "Well sir, I think what you did was incredible for one person. I am sure some students here could look up to someone who could do such a daunting task by himself. Mind if I keep this picture? So I can leave a picture so the students can hopefully thank for a very clean school." She asked.

"Sure!...Um, actually could you also do me a favor and see if you can get some of the students here to come by my little food joint...Not that I am hard on for money or anything...but a little extra cash is always helpful." Frederick asked and the receptionist nodded. "Sure, thank you for your help and oh here. The four hours worth of work you put in here." She handed him a small envelope of money and he gratefully took it with a smile.

With a wave, Frederick left the school with high spirits. "Another place now cleaned by my hands! No dirt is safe as long as I am on the case!" He shouted into the skies with another fist in the air.