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located in Dragon age, a part of The world of Thedas, one of the many universes on RPG.

Dragon age



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Character Portrait: Ain'Findiel Character Portrait: Oliver Erentus
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The hall was quieter than normal. More proof that more had left Skyhold. Sadly more as the scouts and soldiers were being replaced by Chantry sisters and clerics. What was she thinking? To disband the inquisition. Why did she let Leliana talk her into giving Skyhold over to the Chantry? She felt as she let her people down letting by handing over Fen'harel's castle over to the shems. Fen'Harel uugg why could she have not seen it before. How did she fall under his sway so easy.

Ain seemed lost in her own thoughts as she pulled the roll apart as shoved the piece roll past her lips. Her eyes turned to the rotunda's door like it was a foreboding cave with like a beast hiding inside. She was so lost in her thought she did not hear the knight that had rose and sat down across from her. Suddenly his voice broke through her thoughts. The slender petite form of the elf jumped with a start. She put her good hand on her chest. It took a moment for her to register who, what, where. She shot a deer in the headlights look across the table at the kind knight that joined her.

Steadying herself she shot a kind smile across the table at the knight who came to check on her. "Oh Ser Oliver, Good morning. Troubling me? Oh no, nothing is troubling me. Why would something be troubling me." The creators, she was such a terrible liar. Of course, she was troubled. She has seen what the world truly was and knew what was in store if she failed to find Him in time. It was hard to be the only one that knew the truth. She had not even shared the full details with anyone else by Leliana and she was off being Divine now.

Ain reached up and played nervously with her hair that had fallen over her shoulders when she jumped. The lack of rest was visible across her face. Deep circles under her eye and a weaken demeanor made it hard to hide the stress she was under.