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located in Black and White, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.

Black and White



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Sienna Cartlow

Finding a way out the back of the building had been easier than expected. For as dystopian as this world looked, the building they found themselves in had a simple wooden back door, which after a brief peer through the window, Sienna opened and began checking the path was clear. Seemed good, as far as she could tell. Turning to see that it seemed everyone (reluctant or not) was behind her, she motioned for them to follow as she took a few steps out before hopping off of a slight lip. “Looks like the coast is clear for now. Let’s get to work grabbing what we can.” Sienna commented to the group, striding slightly further ahead to look past the outcroppings to get a better vantage point. It seemed that the back door came out into a small pit, so they needed to climb slightly in order to truly get free. The moon shone down on all of them like a spotlight, but at least they’d be able to see where they were going.

Moving to start climbing up the side of the precipice, Sienna didn’t get very far at all before she got to stare fear in the face. Rising to the top of the mesa, it took her a moment to realise just what she was seeing as she stared into the black abyss of its pupils. So tight was terror’s grip that she didn’t manage a word or scream, instead just hanging in the moment as she saw herself in its eyes, watching in shocked silence as its jaw slowly opened, dripping black blood or saliva or god knows what to the ground in front of it. Finally, she let go, dropping back down to the pit and skidding to a stop, nearly stumbling over a partially buried rod as her back foot hit against it. Briefly, she tore her eyes away from it to look back to the door, but it was far too late for that as more of the creatures began to swarm and circle them. A true pack hunting their prey, and they were cornered. There was nowhere to run.

Gritting her teeth, Sienna looked to the pipe she’d slid against, and quickly reached down to wrench it free of the ground, snapping the rusty metal rod from the dirt and brandishing it in front of her as a makeshift weapon. It was better than nothing. Inching backwards to place her back to the others, she could only hope they either had the same plan as her, or at the very least served a distraction for the ones behind her. Not that she thought they really stood much of a chance. A steady cacophony of growls barks and snarls seemed to break out amongst the creatures, before an ear-splitting howl shook her to the core. Faintly, she heard someone fall near her mumbling an expletive. Honestly, it was taking all her nerve to stay standing. Maybe it was just some base instinct keeping her going. Defiance in the face of futility.

Then, shouts. The boy, Yohan, he seemed to be going more off his rocker than usual, both him and the white haired doppelganger mincing words and values. Sienna only heard half of it, though she was amazed that the beasts decided to stay back as long as they did. Perhaps evidence of some sort of hive mind or leadership structure? Could they just be holding them up for the giant red one they’d seen? Briefly, her eyes flickered about the encircling dogs, looking for some sort of way out. Even if there was though, who’s to say they wouldn’t just all turn on her before she got two steps away from the ring? Shit. If they were going to die, she wanted to go quick. She’d always joked that she wanted to be shot in the head, now a gun and bullet would do wonders for her.

Yohan seemed to have other plans. In a scream of desperation and rebellion, he seemed to explode with a raw energy as his twin burst into white flames, causing Sienna to stagger back from him. It was that moment of weakness that one of the wolves chose to exploit, leaping at her the moment her guard was down. By chance or perhaps something more, Sienna barely managed to turn back in time, pivoting to swing her pipe at the monster, only to have it weave to the side, dodging the strike. Stumbling back some more, Sienna now realised she was separated from the others as it came at her once again, this time with no intention of stopping. Instincts ablaze with a will to survive, Sienna brought the pipe between her and the maw of the beast, though the weight of the tackle still caused her to slide back in the dirt, barely staying upright before she impacted the wall of the pit.

Snapping at her face and splashing its ooze everywhere, Sienna grimaced as she looked into the abyss of death, her arms quaking under the strain. With each bite of its jaws the crunching and snapping of metal could be heard, the pipe straining to stay in one piece and keep the girl from her demise. It was all she could do from her position pinned as she was. Part of her thought about letting go and accepting it. I mean, what did she really have to be afraid of? She’d always told herself that if she was to die, she’d want to go fast. Anytime, anyplace, it didn’t really matter. She was inconsequential in the world, and she’d rather just end it then live uncomfortably or in pain. Why was she trying so hard to fight the inevitable?

“Look at you. My, you’re as pathetic now as you’ve always been.” The snide voice of the feline spoke, eerily close, almost like it was whispering in her ear, yet there was no way it was possibly there. “This beast, like the world, weighs you down. Suppresses you. No matter what strengths you have, the potential you hide, it means nothing. Not unless you have the will to be all that you are.” It was mocking the way it spoke, illusory riddles filtering through Sienna’s mind. “So what will it be? Fade away like before? Or will you actually be something worthwhile? Do you have the drive? The fire inside?” Sienna didn’t know what to say, but she could feel something in the pit of her gut. Seconds were passing in reality, but to her mind, it was like a movie reel of events and sensations unlike any that she’d ever felt before. A crackle of power. Possibility. Flames of passion seemed to kindle within her, the spark beginning to ignite into a roaring flame. Though she couldn’t see it, she could feel the cat’s smile. “You’ve always felt it. You know you’re better than everyone, more deserving. You’re worth more than anyone else. You value yourself over all others, there’s no sense in hiding it. Accept and embrace it. Tell me, would you miss that? Sacrifice is needed, both in your world and in this one in order to reach your goals.”

Sienna couldn’t feel her heart anymore. Nor could she hear anything, not even her own breathing. Only the voice of Sinopia, and her siren song of temptation. “Give it to me. Give me all of you, and I will shape you into something greater.” There was a tension in the voice now. A forcefulness. Maybe desperation? But Sienna couldn’t sense it. She couldn’t even move, her body almost paralysed. Her lips were dry and cracked, but weakly, she knew she had to answer. Later, she’d say that she didn’t really understand what it meant at that moment. That she’d been deceived into agreeing to a contract where the terms weren’t clear. Sienna valued herself over all others, that was true. To have that taken from her… She couldn’t have expected what Sinopia intended to do in order to claim that.

“Where is she..?” The rain was heavy now, pelting the windscreen of the young girl behind the vehicle. It was dark too, her headlights reflecting off the road in sharp white as she squinted to see what lay in front of her. Tate had ended up calling Rio and mentioned something of Sienna leaving the store, and since then they hadn’t been able to get into contact with her for several hours. It didn’t make any sense. Sienna was lazy sure, but she wouldn’t just up and vanish like that. Not without checking in at least. Something was wrong. Things had been a little weird today, but something in the pit of Rio’s stomach told her that she needed to find Sienna. It was why she was roaming the streets, scanning for any signs of her. Inefficient, maybe, but she had to do something. She’d checked all her usual hangouts, and now was circling the local area near the corner store, just searching for a sign.

Travelling down the street, suddenly, the light from her headlights reflected off something in front of her. The eyes of a feline sitting in the middle of the road. In a moment of panic, Rio spun the wheel of her car, skidding as the wheels failed to grip onto the slick wet road and spinning out as she slammed on the brakes. With a soft thunk, the vehicle collided with only a small amount of force to the side of the brick building. Wincing a bit in pain from the whiplash, Rio slowly pulled herself back upright. It wasn’t enough of an impact to activate the airbag, but it was still a big jolt. Geez, what kind of cat goes out in the rain like that? Sighing to herself to try and stop her heart pounding, she faintly noticed the bright lights approaching her. The world was filled with the squeal of brakes, before a crushing symphony of twisting metal sounded. Then, nothing but the sound of rain. In the night, the cat sat watching the scene in silence before vanishing into the darkness.

Slow at first, moving backwards in a way that seemed unnatural. Steadily, Sienna forced the monster back as she began driving herself from the wall, lead pipe in hand. Then, under strain from both sides, the pipe split in twain. As the wolf closed in to bite her face, Sienna’s hands spun with dextrous position, fingers dancing as she turned the split pipe ends inward into a reverse grip, before plunging the now jagged ends of the material into either side of the creature’s skull, driving them through it’s body and wrenching the head to the floor. By now, the aura that had begun to surround her was in full view, a haze of orange mist growing into a fiery swirl of energy. Despite the apparent lethal injury the wolf had sustained, it could writhe about unfazed, like it wasn’t even harmed. Moving to sit back up, a sudden heel slamming down into the back of its head forced the sharp pipe to impale into the ground, pinning the thing by its head as it struggled to right itself.

“The deal has been made. I have taken my end of the bargain, and now you shall have yours.” Sinopia spoke, but it wasn’t the feline that everyone knew. Standing before Sienna was a tall, sultry women, hair cut short into a bob-cut. A plunging, sleeveless dress gleaming with sequins and patterns followed each inch of her curves to her knees. Around her head, she wore a headband adorned with a tall feather, while draped low around her arms was a fanciful feather boa. Shoulder length, form fitting gloves perfectly fitted her slender arms, while silken black stockings rose from tall heels. A large ring on each hand, a hipflask in her garter, pearls strung around her neck, a cigarette holder in one hand and a feathered fan in the other, her accessories highlighted the aspects of her lifestyle. Heavy makeup enhanced her face in a smokey look that drew the eye. Apart from the voice, the only thing that identified her as what had once been a tiny cat was the slim tail creeping from the dress, the pointed ears atop her head, and those ever haunting eyes. Briefly, her eyes drifted downwards as she noted the wolf attempting to bite at her leg. “Ah ah sweetie. Bank's closed.” With a swift and sudden motion, she crushed the beast’s head underfoot, yet miraculously, managed to keep herself perfectly clean. “Mmm, it’s the berries to be back to my true self…” Stretching, she moved to take Sienna’s hand, the gobsmacked girl flabbergasted by the flapper girl in front of her.

“Now that we’re jake, I think it’s time you dudded up big cheese.” The accent began to become thicker as she spoke, the demon holding a pouting smile as she opened her fan, waving it past Sienna’s body. As it glided up from dogs to kisser, Sienna’s clothes underwent their own miraculous change. Stylish and swanky, Cartlow became something of a cross between the dress of a witch and a boudoir outfit, a revealing ensemble that showed plenty of leg and thigh, the smallest of frilly skirts covering her mini-shorts. Midriff on full display, the outfit continued upwards into something of a corset type top, though part of this was hidden under the shawl like cape that billowed around her. Almost mockingly, her head was adorned with a fashionable variant of a traditional witch's hat, while in her hands, a tight bundle of straw forming a neat broom. Sienna staggered slightly as she adjusted to the new heeled boots she wore, briefly bringing her hands up to look at herself.

“A little fluky, but you look like a choice bit of calico.” Sinopia commented, bringing her fan up to lift Sienna’s chin and look deep into her eyes. Taking the lit cigarette in her holder, she dipped it onto the end of the broom, setting it ablaze. Slowly, Sienna seemed to come back into reality as she stared into those flames, twirlingthe broom about and stepping forward, uncaring for how she looked. “Time for the show, let’s give them something truly spectacular, Sinopia.” Sienna glanced back over her shoulder, looking to her Familiar with a smile. Seeing this, Sinopia tucked her fan and cigarette holder away, reaching to take a swig of her flask before flicking out her hands, a pair of Tommy guns materialising in her grip.

“You said it bearcat. Let’s blouse.”