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Snippet #2713623

located in Black and White, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.

Black and White



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Miranda watched the others leave out the back, sensing the presence of a giant Wolf...Demon...thing outside, her lip twitched. "You're all fools if you think you can run from wolves and not get hunted down like Cattle." She called to them as they barricaded her front door. She watched them head to the back door and rolled her eyes, her Demon sitting on the desk, staring at her.


"That's a nice picture on your desk there."

Miranda's Sapphire eyes turned to the only picture she had left of her baby brother. She snatched it and held it close to her chest. It had come with her into The Other Side....

"Those are some lovely eyes, too." the Demon scooted closer as Miranda stood, taking the picture out of it's frame and stuffing it into her shirt, she'd buy a locket, and wear it. She wouldn't let this Demon have it.

"Fine then...choose. Your eye, or your last picture of dear little brother."

Miranda's beautiful Sapphire eyes narrowed, she heard the howl outside and growled. She moved towards the back, only to see twenty large demon wolves, despite seeing some of them fall, her Alpha blood boiled and she needed to assert her dominance over them. Prove to them that they were useless unless lead by her and her alone, and if they rebelled, they died. Her Sapphire eyes turned Amber, and a hand covered her left eye, her Demon taking it. It singed and burned, the woman let out a silent scream of agony as she bent over and leaned against the door frame, the burning going all the way down her nerve, then down her spine to the rest of her body. When it was over, her left eye had turned permanently Amber, and glowed as if back-lit.

"You should thank me....I gave you something out of fuckin Lovecraft or some shit like that." her demon said, crossing its arms. "Give it a try."

Raising an arm, another five of the Wolf-things stopped in their tracks, the most ungodly screams escaping their throats for a second before they were silenced, and they began to jerk around, as if being controlled by an outward force. Walking forward, Miranda lifted her arm, her expression oddly dull as her Demon, no, her Familiar boosted her power, its own eyes glowing brightly as it amplified Miranda's power.

", in'nit?" the Demon said, loud enough for everyone to hear as the Wolves then began to crack and morph, bodies bubbling and twisting as they became grotesque, horrifying creatures, finally their necks snapping at an odd angle, and their bodies dropping to the ground as Miranda blinked.

"interesting...." She looked at her hands, then at her Demon, narrowing her eyes. "Just like the myths of magic eye for the werewolf..."