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located in Montreal, a part of Montreal by Nyght, one of the many universes on RPG.


Oui, welcome to Montreal, the unhallowed city of the Sabbat.


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Character Portrait: Yoshimido Yumi Character Portrait: Samantha Krosswait Character Portrait: Brynjolf Keeger
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Setting: Streets of Montreal, Canada
Date + Time: 4.19.2kSeventeen 9:36 P

Yumi easily recovered from being thrown aside, no stranger to fights, though it was more of a poor excuse of a skirmish in her opinion. "These gaijin don't know what a 'real', fight is." She whispered to herself, slowly walking toward them while switching out the clips in her firearms, eyes locking on the girl as she pointed the business end of a modified nine at her. "You. Don't move." The Asian said, her voice possessing a sort of commanding authority. "Hey!" The girl shot back with a growl following her words. "You ain't my Ma." Samantha shouted. "What you goin' to do if I run?" Her voice went low, as if challenging the woman. Yumi narrowed her eyes at the girl. "I've been tracking you for three days, been following your every move for the last fifteen hours and thirty six minutes."

Coming to stand face to face with the girl, Yumi removed the glove from her left hand, gently pushing up with the tip of her finger under Samantha's chin activating her 'steal intelligence' protocol. "Now. There is no place in this world you can go where I will not find you. So, go ahead and try kid, there are worse things than death, and well, I can do them all." Invoking 'paprika inception', a flickering montage of imagery ripped through the girl's mind. Surreal visions so prophetic in essence, as piece by piece, everyone she was close to or cared for was either destroyed or erased from existence. Samantha went pale, suddenly fell silent, thinking of her crew, of the only kin she had ever known.

Shifting her vision to the man leaning heavily against the wall, side stepping in his direction, squaring off with him. "As for you, mongrel. . ." Yumi trolled, provoking the fella as he snarled, spitting in her face with a smirk. "Call me a mongrel, one more time." The woman paused, expecting such a predictably savage reaction, waiting for him to finish as she wiped her face. "You're so spent passed your limit, in the state your in, any one of these Kinjin running monkeys could put you down." Staring at him for awhile, letting the reality of the situation hit him. "Are you hurt, or just injured." She asked, after getting no response, just a pissed off stare. She continued, triggering life and matter senses prior to scanning the poor bastard. There it was, lodged in the wound, a small mass of silver buried in his side. Forcing the flat of her right hand into his mouth. "Bite down, this in't goin' to feel like sunshine and rainbows and shyt." In no position to resist or refuse, he did as she said, applying light pressure across her hand.

Yumi swiftly stabbed him, jamming two fingers deep into his side, guided by her sight, as she probed the wound. His teeth tightened down like a bear trap, drawing blood that soaked her glove, eventually dripping down across her wrist, she felt no pain and never moved even in the slightest. Eventually, the pain had pushed him to the edge, causing him to black out, dropping to the pavement, completely unconscious. The woman never lost her focus, temporarily converting silver to steel through use of 'state alchemist', preceding the manipulation of forces to magnetically extract the object, shifting back into silver only after it had been removed, pocketing it in the form of a blank silver dollar size coin in her palm.

"I already know 'what' you are, time to find out 'who' you are." Picking through his pockets for some sort of information or identification, removing any weapons or contraband the fella carried for the time being. Locating his wallet in the back pocket, flipping through it till she found a license matching him. "Brynjolf Keeger, lets see what kind of shyt I can find on you." Grinning somewhat wickedly, while establishing a 'secure connection' through several surrounding wifi networks. In seconds, she managed to pull every bit of digital information that potentially existed on him, including financial status, employment history, criminal records, medical files, list of residential addresses, social network profiles, known alias', contacts, associates, family.

Turning back to check on the girl, Samantha, reaching in her pocket for her phone. "I need transportation, something low profile, now." Pulling the girl by the wrist, Yumi looked her over. "Are you damaged?" The girl hesitated, only shook her head, still a little wary of her.

Sometime later, a pitch black 2kSeventeen Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat stealthily pulled up to their location, when an unassuming, average looking young man in a monochromatic black suit stepped out and walked up to her. "Put the fella in the car, then go clean up this shyt show, and the remains of the two leeches at the corner down the street." Looking at the girl, standing at the driver's side as if waiting for something. "You goin' to get in, or what?" Samantha, saying nothing, took her place sitting in shotty.