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Season of Giving 2020

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located in United States, a part of Game of the Gods, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Dialogue: #62039E

Scarlett walked through the desolate town as she followed the mysterious pull that called to her. She knew what the pull was and what it meant, but she couldn't resist it. Her grandmother had told her this much a week before she passed away.

"You can't fight the pull Scarlett," she would say. "The game must go on."

Yeah well, Scarlett didn't want the game to go on, she wanted no part in it. It was a worthless game made for people to kill each other, and for what? Immortality? No thank you. Scarlett just wanted a normal life. She looked down at her hands and thought back to the purple claws that had came out of them two weeks ago. She sighed to herself. Sadly, normal wasn't possible for someone like her. As the pull became stronger, Scarlett heard a faint call, "Fear the unknown."

Scarlett froze in shock and felt her poison claws slowly sliding out in defense.
Think Scarlett, think. Whose call is that? It's a girl based on the voice and it mentioned the unknown.
The Ruler of Knowledge. The most intelligent player to ever play the game. Wasn't one of her powers to send visions? Could she have been the one that sent Scarlett the image of the church?

Scarlett moved cautiously through the town, following the pull. Her claws were still out ready to defend at a moments notice and she was sure that her purple glyphs were glowing as well. It was then that Scarlett came across a large church, the same one from her vision. It was old, the style dating back to the early 1900's if she had to guess. It was made out of dark colored bricks and had a large cross pinned above the entry to the door. Scarlett climbed up the steep stone steps and reached for the door. She put her hand on the handle and slowly turned it until the door clicked open. It creaked as she pushed her way through and Scarlett walked into the dark room. The large stain glass windows provided the room with some light, but not much and this gave the room an eerie vibe.
Scarlett heard a shuffle of movement coming from the front of the room and whipped her head to follow it.
It was a girl around Scarlett's age. She looked pretty normal aside from the image that appeared above her head. It resembled a card and on the top it read The Ruler of Knowledge, underneath was the image of a bright blue brain. It had brighter specs highlighting certain parts of the brain. After a few seconds, the image faded away, and the call became silent. Scarlett was then left to face the girl. She moved to put her thorn claws in front of her when she noticed they had retracted. Holy ground, she thought. Smart move.

Scarlett had read in her archives that their powers did not work on holy ground, in fact, they cannot be harmed on holy ground at all. Scarlett could shoot the girl and it wouldn't even leave a mark.
Scarlett sighed in defeat and sat down in one of the many pews. She had no choice, but to hear what this girl had to say. She just hoped that she wouldn't get killed because of it.