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Snippet #2714190

located in Black and White, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.

Black and White



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Character Portrait: Yohan Belmont Character Portrait: Rina Jasmine Character Portrait: Sienna Cartlow Character Portrait: Taja Ondine Halterman Character Portrait: Miranda Wallace Character Portrait: Frederick Bell
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Sienna Cartlow

Standing with full confidence before the approaching wolves, Sienna slowly turned her broom around in her hand, the flaming end leaving trails of embers that drifted in the air. The crimson sparks flitted through the air like falling fireflies, slowly falling towards the ground. Then, as the monsters that stood before Sienna began to move, the cinders began to fly upwards as if anticipating her next move. The most confident of the monsters charged forward as it leapt for her throat, Sienna’s eyes flashing as she reacted immediately, sweeping the broom in front of her in a wide horizontal sweep, the flames around the brush growing into a wide flare and engulfing the wolf that she struck and sending a wave of fire before her. From behind, the remaining creatures attempted to take advantage of her distraction, flanking Sienna in a squad of three.

With a duck and tuck, the broom was wielded expertly like a staff, the blunt end jabbing the first in the throat before she whipped it to the side and smacked the second to the side. Pivoting, her spin allowed the flaming end of her broom to twirl with her and knock the third aside, all three now knocked to the ground and shaking off their injuries as they snarled at the girl. Splitting up, the three moved to attack Sienna from different angles simultaneously. Drawing back into another spinning pirouette, Sienna swept a circle of flames around her, which immediately erupted into a pillar of fire all around. Lifting the dogs skyward from the force of the heat, it seemed Sienna was nowhere near done with them. Bursting out from the pillar, standing atop the broom like it was a surfboard, Sienna flew about the sky as she intercepted each of the dog’s trajectories, piercing through them in a spiralling fire drive and obliterating their shadowy being.

Down on ground level, Sinopia was doing her own part to eliminate waves of the canine monsters attacking them. Taking some steady steps, twirls and graceful movements, each fire from her guns shredded into the beasts, the noise timed to her movements to form a rhythmic tune, an instrumental of gunfire that provided the melody to her dance. It was quite the site to behold, displaying an uncanny sense of timing and finesse. As the dust and smoke settled, little remained of the creatures that had made the mistake of targeting Sienna and Sinopia, and as things calmed down, so too did Sienna’s sense begin to return to normal.

“Wait, what?!” Sienna stated in shock as her thoughts and feelings began to return to being her own. Taking a moment to look to her absurd outfit as she held her hand in front of her, she managed to stop herself from covering up out of embarrassment, but the incredulous look and flustered expression was a dead giveaway that she wasn’t comfortable with what she was wearing. “What the hell are these clothes, and why the fuck am I wearing them?!” Sienna stated in an outrage, immediately turning to Sinopia for an explanation. The feline-woman glanced over her shoulder towards Sienna as she dematerialised her guns, giving a bit of a snicker. “Doll, I just wanted to Razz you a bit. If you want something more Darb, you’re going to have to earn it. “sides, it fits now I’m your familiar.” As she spoke, Sinopia had pulled a bottle of booze from seemingly nowhere, undoing the cork to take a large swig. As she did so, one of the nearby dogs had roused from its injured state to leap at her. Eyes narrowing, Sinopia spun, clubbing the beast with the glass and shattering it, spilling the alcohol everywhere. “Tsk, Horsefeathers. Damn Bluenose ruining my fun. And here I was going to get Spifflicated…” Sinopia muttered as she instead pulled out a cigarette, lighting it. Taking a long draught, she sighed as she noticed the monster once again rising to its feet. “Shoulda stayed down Wurp.” Flicking her finger, Sinopia’s cigarette fell down onto the alcohol covered wolf, which promptly erupted into flames. It wouldn’t be getting back up this time.

Sienna meanwhile was coming to terms with her outfit and the craziness that was going on. She didn’t like it in the slightest, nor did she really care for the guy who gave some half-assed explanation to Yohan before buggering off. Not that she heard much of it from where she was – her combat with the wolves had drawn her somewhat away from the group. Making her way back, she continued to mumble aloud to herself her thoughts. “What kind of a loser uses a broom as a weapon? I don’t know what’s more lame, the broom, or the fact that I used it…” Stopping as she reached Yohan and the others, Sienna folded her arms. Anyone who commented on the clothes or her stomach was dead. “Well, what now? I’d like to get out of here before more of those things appear…” Briefly, her eyes turned towards the older man who was still with them. How long had he been there? Raising an eyebrow, she said the first thing that came to mind. “And who the hell are you?”