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located in United States, a part of Game of the Gods, one of the many universes on RPG.

United States



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Character Portrait: Sephtis G. Reaver Character Portrait: Kai C. Gable
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Kai Gable & Sephatis Reaver


“Go faster go faster!” He all but yelled. The man behind the wheel was pushing the Pontiac Firebird to speeds that would have gotten the attention of half the state’s police. But there were no police and no law for that matter. Just him, his friend and the cars of crazed raiders chasing them, “There’s three of them left.” He friend said in a calm tone. “Yeah I noticed, any ideas on how to get rid of them?” He asked. His friend remained silent as he nonchalantly looked back at their pursuers and then straight ahead, “I would recommend you go faster.” The man gave his friend a sour look, “Gee, you think?!” He sarcastically said. “Sarcasm doesn’t suit you Kai.” His friend calmly said. Kai was about to retort when a loud bang reached his ears and something zipped past his open window, “Hell’s bells! I thought they ran out of ammo three miles back!” Kai said. “Clearly they were holding out on us.” His friend said unconcerned. Kai weaved his Firebird left to right as he tried to avoid the bullets which was made much harder as they entered yet another deserted town. A bullet suddenly hit the right mirror of the Firebird, shattering it and putting a hole in it, “OK, now they die.” Kai growled as he jerked the FIrebird right and pulled down a street to the deserted town square.

Not far behind them the raids turned down the same street in hot pursuit. When they pulled into the square they found their quarry’s car sitting in the middle of the street. The three cars surrounded the target and eleven men filed out with guns drawn upon the firebird. “Got you now boys!” One of the men called out as a few of them approached the car, “Looks like that fine car of yours is mine now.” The leader of the group said. “Yours?! We lost three of our cars and five guys chasing these boys! If anything this car belongs to the group!” One man protested. The leader was about to argue when one of the guys called out, “Oi! There's no one in the car.” One of the guys said. “Well then it just makes taking the car that much easier. Though those boys will make good labor for the fields, so find them! And get that car running now!” The leader yelled. The men started spreading out as the three men moved to open the car. One tried opening the driver side door and found it locked. As he raised his rifle to smash the window a voice rang out, “Don’t you dare break that window!”

Every one of the raiders looked around trying to find the source of the voice but could not pinpoint the location. “Don’t want us to break the window? Then come on out and give us the keys boy!” He said. “What do you think Sephetis? Think I should give them what they want?” The voice called out. “I think you know my answer Kai.” Sephetis’ calm and eerie voice rang out. “These men are a representation of the the scum of our world, greedy, malicious. They are not pure evil, but they have secured their place in it’s lower echelons.” The leader grit his teeth as he looked around trying to locate them, “Tough talk coming from two little boys who hide rather than face us like men!” He yelled back, clearly agitated. “So says the man who preys on the weak.” A voice said behind the leader. He whirled around and found one of the boys standing behind him, draped in a black cloak with it’s hood up. He could not see the boy’s entire face save for his lower half, “What do you know boy? In the real world survival of the fittest is the prime rule and survival is the goal of strongest.” He said as he pointed his gun at the boy.

“Your logic is flawed, the goal of all life is death. And the Mauve Knell of Midnight tolls for you.” The boy raised his head a bit so one eye looked at him, “Tell me. Do you feel dead? You will be.” The boy suddenly lept down and rolled under the fire of the leader before a ball of fire knocked the gun out of his hand. The leader was bewildered by the sudden fire attack before he realized the boy in front of him had pulled a long double bladed scythe from nowhere and was swinging it at him. He only had only a split second to realize the boys had set them up before the scythe sent him to be judged in the next life.

The men watched astonished as their leader was cut down so effortlessly and by a boy with a weapon that should have been impracticable to swing around as he was doing now. Their astonishment lasted only a moment as they raised their guns to fire at the boy, “Those aren’t going to do you guys any good.” The two turned around to see the other boy leaning up against a wall, “You bit off way more than you can handle this time. You called down the thunder, now deal with it. Time to Bring the Heat!” With that he threw a punch which sent a blast of fire at both of them. The two wildly fired their guns but it did little to help them as the fire turned the bullets to slag before engulfing them in an agonizing fiery death. Kai looked past the two screaming men as he watched his friend Sephtis dance his way around the other men, cutting them down like they were wheat in a field. Kai had to admire the skill Sephtis displayed in situations like this, against living beings who could think and feel.

Kai knew in this game they would have to fight other players but of all of the contestants Kai knew of, he was afraid of fighting only one, Sephtis. Despite their sheer differences Kai considered Sephtis his brother. Heck the two were as close as two brothers could be, they were there for each other, they looked out for each other, heck Kai would die for Sephtis. But the idea of having to kill his brother was something he feared and it was inevitable they would have to one day soon. It was only the sound of the 12 gauge being chambered that saved Kai as he quickly pulled himself from his thoughts and ducked down. The shot gouged out a hole in the wall before Kai blasted the gun’s holder with a napalm strike so hot the man disintegrated within a few seconds. Kai only had a moment to shake his head at the stupidity of the man before another gun chambering around caused him to look left, one of the two guys he blasted was a live! “How?!” Kai asked in astonishment. “Doesn’t matter. Time to die now!” The man said as he leveled his gun. He didn’t get to pull the trigger as a flying scythe took his head off as he flew through the air towards Kai. Before it hit him the scythe stopped just a few inches of hitting him before it flew back towards the outstretched hand of Sephtis, “Cutting it kind of close Sep.” Kai said.

Sephtis retracted the scythe to it’s smaller form before replacing it on his belt in the folds of his cloak, “Better close than dead.” He responded. Kai snorted, “That's rich coming from you.” He said as the two walked back to the firebird, “Really?!” Kai said as he looked at his door, “Blasted raiders weren't satisfied with a mirror, so they knocked my door!” Kai shouted. “Could be worst.” Sephtis said calmly, “Could have been the hood.” The air was silent for several moments before Kai caught onto the double meaning of the statement and burst out laughing, “Sep, never let anyone say you don’t have a sense of humor!” He said mirthfully. Sephtis looked at him with a deadpan expression, “I don’t.” He said, causing Kai to laugh even more, “My point exactly!” He said as he opened his car door. Kai reached in for something before pulling back and looking at a half open map.

“I took note of the sign as we were riding in.” Kai said as he scanned the map, “If I had to hazard a guess we aren’t but a few miles out from our destination.” He laid it out so Sephatis could see, “I still think this is a bad idea. It could be a trap.” He added as Sephatis opened his door, “I doubt there is much risk from other players. It might actually be the safest place from them.” He said. Kai raised an eyebrow at Sephatis before getting an answer, “Holy ground.” Sephatis added. Kai nodded and mouthed ‘oh’ at this information, “Well, that puts me a bit at easy. Though I don’t feel comfortable being defenseless even in a designated safe zone. I don’t suppose there is anyway around that rule?” He asked. Sephatis calmly looked at him, “Unless the ground has been desecrated, no player on holy ground can harm another player.” Sephatis said before he entered the passenger seat, “Aw, and here I was hoping for a holy war.” Kai said as he entered the driver seat. “If we aren’t carefully, we’ll end up being the holy ones.” Sephatis said as the car started. Again, for a moment Kai payed the comment no never mind until he had a moment to process the double meaning which while gruesome, we so well timed he burst out laughing, “Never change Sep.” He said as the two pulled off heading towards their destination.