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located in The World, a part of The World Beyond, one of the many universes on RPG.

The World



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Character Portrait: Miralda Cristina de Reon
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The roar of the crowd had only gotten loader since the melee had started, rising to levels which almost drowned out the sounds of the fighting itself. Indeed, down of the field, it was impossible to hear anything over the din of cheers and clashing metal. On the plus side, this meant that Miralda’s would-be assailants could very well regroup after losing one of their number. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean they would stop.

Glancing around, she could only see two of the men she had noted earlier, the third having been lost in the throng of fighters in the ring. It was possible, Miralda mused, that the third had been taken out by an uninvolved fight, but she wouldn’t believe that until she saw the man on the ground. Still, while she had the chance, the dashed toward the closest man through a slight opening in the brawl.

The man obviously saw her coming, and readied himself. He wielded a trident and net, not a weapon combo she had ever seen used before. The net, at this point, looked like it had been through a thresher, and as he threw it got caught on the other fighters in the area and tangled them up while going nowhere. Scowling, the man took his trident in a two-handed grip and stabbed at his prey. She dodged to the left, but the man quickly swept his polearm to match and she was forced to bring her sword to block. The sword caught the trident between two of its prongs, and while it was a heavy blow, Mira brought the spear to a stop before a bladed barb could cut her side. Her adversary, however, smirked nastily and twisted, ripping the sword out of her hands.

Her eyes widened, but she rushed forward as the man turned to recover his stance. She pushed away the haft of the trident with her buckler as she lunged in and struck out with a fist to his throat, crushing his larynx and sending him to the ground coughing. She followed this with a booted kick to his side, and was rewarded with a snap from the man’s arm. She picked up the now user-less trident and spun quickly to face another assailant, who was clearly none too pleased with the state of his compatriot. He moved forward with a vicious diagonal swipe from his battle-axe, which she caught with her buckler, barely. The small shield, however, was not designed to take such a hit, and dented in heavily. She jumped back as far as she could, then in a surprisingly clean motion, she spun in place, throwing ruined shield at her opponent like a discus. This move clearly took him off guard and his surprise got him beaned in the forehead with a hard metal projectile. If that wasn’t enough to knock him out, a spinning hit with the haft of Mira’s current weapon to his temple was.

Mira took a moment to admire her handiwork, then quickly dodged away as a nearby combatant took a swing. Now all she had to do was make it through the rest of this melee, with a weapon she didn’t really know how to use, against the best fighters in the area, while making sure not to be taken off-guard buy the enemy that may or may not still be around. Well, it’s not like her master hadn’t put her through worse.