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Snippet #2714728

located in Black and White, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.

Black and White



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Character Portrait: Yohan Belmont Character Portrait: Rina Jasmine Character Portrait: Sienna Cartlow Character Portrait: Taja Ondine Halterman Character Portrait: Miranda Wallace Character Portrait: Frederick Bell
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As Frederick was busy talking to the strange dressed man, his attention switched to the two teenage girls who asked him who and what he was. Wow! They certainly had manners, going to ask him for his name first. They must have been taught well by their parents. Man...Kids these days are growing up into fine adults. "My name? Of course! My name is Frederick Bell! I am Thirty-two years of age! My hobbies include Janitorial work! Cooking! And making comics and Manga! I also was born and raised in Timberland. As for who I am, I am human! least I think I am still human...Maybe after I came to this place I am some sort of spirit now...or maybe my race was changed to become something other than human...No clue, all I know is that I have no idea why I am here!" Frederick introduced himself with a grin that showed off his pearly white teeth. He certainly took care of his teeth.

Of course he noticed the clothing the two wore...Woah...What was the word that explained their outfits? Eyecatching? Yeah that was the word. Of course he did really care much for fashion, just good old comfort from his jacket and a good pants was all that mattered in clothing for him. However he found himself looking a bit away from the teens and noticed a stranger sight.

The small girl hiding behind Rina. Ok, granted a small girl here was a strange sight, however what made this strange was he could swear he saw horns...and was that a tail?...Hold up a second there. Fredrick blinked a few times and furiously rubbed his eyes with his sleeve. He then would poke both eyes with his fingers which made him groan in pain while holding both of his eyes. There was also some "ow's" and "Bad idea!" from him.

After a half minute of Frederick holding both of his eyes in his hands, he gave a sigh of relif as the pain went away. His focus returned to the small girl Taja and relized...she still had her horns and tail. Alright, he was not imagining that...but the dress she wore was...Adorable! Man her parents had an eye for fashion...granted he did find it a teeny tiny bit weird for a girl her age to have tick-ish thighs...Wonders of genetics he had to guess. Girl must have inherited the Thigh gene.

With his inspection and introductions with the three close indivduals. His attention soon turned to his surroundings. Wow, he remembered this part of town in Timberland! Actually...this place looked almost exactly like Timberland but far...far more creepier. Hey, he remembered reading something about dreams and how that you only have dreams in places you know. This looked like Timberland but this was a strange dimension...wait! Maybe this was some sort of dreamscape!...wait, a dream is not usually this creepy. This seemed more along the lines of a nightmare. So, he was in some other nightmare dream dimension?

Maybe...Maybe he gained the power to enter dreams now! Actually...that did not sound that cool, he liked the idea of travelling dimensions more. Maybe he was overthinking it? Frederick went into thought as he tapped his chin in though and he paced back and fourth trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle...granted it was like trying to solve a puzzle with only several pieces out of one thousand so he gave up in the end.

His attention soon however focused on Yohan. Oh hey! Another person! A teenage guy this time...wait a second...One guy surrounded by girls? Hold up a tick! He read enough Manga to know where this could head to. He must be a hero or something of a story! Whenever someone is surrounded by only or mostly members of the opposite gender they are always the main character...Or perhaps this was more along the lines of a story which involved the whole group together instead of only the guy...huh?...He really overthinks things huh? Good thing he likes to think a lot! Speaking out loud and basically saying the girls and him were like something out of a harem was not a good thing to hear...

Grabbing something wrapped in a napkin, Frederick pulled out a hamburger and began to munch on it. He had gotten a little hungry thinking about his situation so he decided to eat his home cook burger! Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese with two grilled patties! Mmmm! Now this was a meal worthy of a hard days work. He wanted to eat it in his car but now circumstances changed. Now he was eating it in some other dimension.

As soon as Yohan opened up a door and was signaling for what he can easily guess as them to follow him. With nothing much to do Frederick while munching on his still warm burger began to follow Yohan down a flight of stairs which led down. He was not sure if the others were following, he could easily look back to ensure they were there but...he was cautious about turning around. In dark creepy places like this if one turned around they would suddenly encounter some sort of jumpscare! No way was he taking that risk!

Eventually they reached the basement when Yohan picked up a strange device. He soon shouted the wors 'Gaia' into the air. "What? Was that some sort of magic---" Frederick was about to comment until the device would begin to glow bright and begin to hum. Suddenly the kid in front of him gets pulled into the device and him being second he knew he was next in line. "I was kidding about the Magic wordAGHHHHH!" Frederick exclaimed as he was suddenly lifted off the ground and pulled into the device as well.

The next second he woke up in a basement, was this the same basement that they had just strange...Urk...this place smelled rather dusty like no one cleaned the place. Man, sometimes people need janitors at their own home. But for the moment, he was now lying on the ground staring at the ceiling. What a day...

He soon took a bite from his burger still clenched in his hands.