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Snippet #2714826

located in Black and White, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.

Black and White



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Character Portrait: Yohan Belmont Character Portrait: Rina Jasmine Character Portrait: Sienna Cartlow Character Portrait: Taja Ondine Halterman Character Portrait: Miranda Wallace Character Portrait: Frederick Bell
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Sienna Cartlow

“O… K…” Sienna managed to state as the man known as Frederick Bell introduced himself. A 32 year old weirdo. Either that or one of this world’s denizens doing an extremely poor job of being a normal human being. As his rant continued, Sienna felt the need to interrupt him as her annoyance grew. “We don’t need your life story Fred.” Dismissively shaking her head, she watched with some mild amusement but also concern for the man’s sanity as he proceeded to poke his own eyes with more force than any sane person would do. Turning back to Yohan and the others, it seemed the decision had been to follow the man’s advice and go to his house. Whatever made Yohan and his house special was anyone’s guess, but it wasn’t like she had any better ideas. Briefly looking to Sinopia, it seemed she’d returned to a small feline form, leaping up to perch first on her shoulder, than her hat, causing the top to sag a little in front of her face. Despite a few swipes, Sienna found herself unable to remove the freeloader, and so with a sigh and heavy footsteps, began making her way to follow the others close to the rear.

Travelling was relatively quiet. Perhaps everyone was coming to terms with the changes they’d gone through and fighting the disbelief setting in? Sienna herself still found it hard to believe it was all happening, but her senses told her otherwise. She could feel pain. This wasn’t some dream. It was as Sinopia had said. She had to come to accept a reality different from the one she knew. It was annoying having some smug ass cat on top of her head, but at least the darn thing had proven itself helpful to some extent. It let her fight, and seemed fairly intelligent, even if its dress sense and language was weird. The days of mafia and 80s slang were well gone by this point in time. Still… things could have been much worse.

Looking over to Yohan and listening to the ethereal voice that somehow floated around him, it was clear that his familiar was provoking him in a far different way. It was a little awkward hearing the discussion between the two, if a little trite. Honestly, any person would have a brain would just ignore or not dignify half the comments with a response. At least, she knew she was smart enough to do that. Maybe that was why Sinopia chose not to bother her with all the psychological mumbo-jumbo, and had relegated herself to a physical annoyance and causing minor embarrassment by altering the way she dressed. Having enough tact not to bite on any of the comments made by the demon (Particularly the ones pertaining to her), Sienna simply remained silent for the better part of the journey. She had no intention of making friends with any of these people – Just get home and try and forget this whole thing happened. Though she hadn’t voiced it, she had no intention of coming back here after they were out. She’d had enough of demons, monsters, familiars and all that nonsense for one lifetime.

When they finally came to Yohan’s alternate world basement, it seemed that there was some sort of machine and a bunch of sketches related to it. Curious, Sienna leafed through a few while they plotted their next move, folding a couple up for her pocket before Yohan declared he was ready to give it a go, judging by the vague instructions. It wasn’t like they had many other options, and though Sienna was a little sceptical of how Yohan had both began taking charge and figuring all this out, she didn’t raise any complaints. If he could get them home, that was all she could ask for. The next few moments were a blur of panic and forces beyond comprehension. For a moment, her body was filled with a wrenching feeling as she was dragged forward, the g-forces making her feel ill before she tumbled free and onto the floor in… Well, another basement. At least this one didn’t smell like a dilapidated shithole.

“Well, fuck me dead. We’re alive and I assume back on our Earth.” Sienna commented as she managed to drag herself back to her feet. To her relief, she was back to the clothes she had prior to leaving, as that would have been an awkward walk home. “I’d say it’s been fun, but it really hasn’t. I’m heading home to… to…” All of a sudden, it felt like she was taking that magical portal again. The room was spinning and sucking her in, and she could barely keep her footing. In fact, she didn’t. Moments later she hit the floor by the stairs in an unconscious daze as the fatigue hit her all at once. Sienna was already pretty lazy, so that sort of exhaustion meant she fell asleep almost immediately in spite of her best efforts.