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located in Earth, a part of Adaption, one of the many universes on RPG.




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The outside wasn’t any different from what it had been when she last stepped out of the community’s gates. Everything seemed over grown and unkempt; Wild plants sprouted up wherever there was space, the grass was too thick and tall to be able to see if anything crawled under it. It was also quiet. Well, quiet apart from the footsteps of some of the heavier footed members of the supply group she was running with.

Charlotte had never done a supply run before. At least not for her present community. The last thing that could have ever been considered anything as such was when she was a little kid hoping from house to house, looting what she could. But that was awhile ago. She was young with her grandparents by her side. Now she was just a teacher with a few basic skills to protect herself. She was only pushed into going because they needed more people. A month ago they sent some scouts on a big supply hunt to gather whatever they could, and more than half that group never returned. It was a sad day, but one a lot of people come to expect. There are no guarantees for life, even within the confines of the community’s gates. Charlie knows this.

It had only been a couple of hours since their group of six had left. There wasn’t a lot of talking, having been told to keep it pretty hush-hush unless there’s need to comment. It’s better to be as quiet and not attract any unwanted attention. Besides, they’d all been briefed on what to do. It was a simple medical supply run. They’d gotten word that there was an abandoned lab set up in a city not far from their community. They were supposed to find it, collect any important medication, and get the hell out of there as fast as they could. Easy enough in theory. They had an exact location, but they didn't know if the intel was reliable or not. It was traded information. Sadly, they needed to take the risk to check. Medical supplies were running low, and they couldn't survive on herb remedies forever.

Soon enough, the dirt trail through the forest turned on a skinny and cracked paved road in the city. One of the guys, Oliver she believed his name was, took off the pack he wore and pulled out a ceased and faded map that looked old enough that Charlie wasn't surprised it didn't just crumble into his hands. Crouching down, he placed the map on the ground as his eyes scanned over it. Looking up, he turned his head to look at the five staring at him as he questioned, "any one know what street we're on?" The blank stares they all shot him back seemed a clear signifier that none of them knew.

Peering over at Eliza, the only other girl in the group, Charlie stated, "come with me up the road to check for street signs. We'll radio if we find something." A key thing in this world was trying to do everything in groups. It does nobody any good not to have backup. The girl merely nodded before the two of them made their way, the other four gathering around the map to study it.

"So this is your first supply run, huh?" So much for not speaking unless necessary. Charlie brought a hand up to rest against her forehead, shielding her eyes from the sunlight directly above them. Damn it was hot out. "Yep," Charlie replied, glancing around for any sort of sign of where they were or what road they were on. This street just didn't seem to end. "What do you thi-" Eliza started to question her again, but Charlie quickly held up her hand and hissed out a sharp 'shh' after hearing a twig snap come from the dense forest at the side of the road. Eliza squinted her eyes at Charlotte, gritting out, "what? I'm just making conversation," clearly annoyed with being interrupted. Charlie shot her a look before quietly saying "I heard something, be quiet for a second," trying her best not to offend her.

Slipping her knife from the holster on her waist, both her and Eliza went to the opposite end of the road to cover under some of the underbrush. Both waited in silence to hear if any other noise came from the direction in with she heard it before. Could it just be an animal? Yes. But it could also be one of the infected. She'd prefer to have a run in with a bunny than some rotted corpse and the disgusting stench that trailed with it.

After about a five minute wait, they spotted nothing and no other noise was made. Seemed safe enough to emerge and keep going, but the sooner they got back to the group, the happier she'd be. One thing was for sure, the rest of the walk both of them didn't speak a word.

After another couple of minutes, they reached a turn in the road where thankfully a road sign still stood tall. Grabbing the walkie-talkie from her large shoulder bag, she turned it on to the proper channel saying, "hey, we found it. We're on Carson Road, turning on to Mayview Street." It was only a few more seconds until Ollie's crackled voice came from the other end saying, "Got it. You two stay up there, we need to go east from Mayview."

Once of the rest of the group finally caught up, Ollie navigated them all from there. Thankfully there were no more infected scares like before. They kept mainly to the off roads and travelled under as much cover as they could to stay undetected It was only about two hours later that they finally found the makeshift lab. The walls were cemented, and the windows were blackened out. Charlie couldn't tell what kind of lab it was, but it was probably just some old research place.

"Check to see if one of the windows have been broken into. If we walk through the front door and there are squatters in there, it'll just alarm them to our presence," Charlotte suggested, stepping away from the other five to circle around the building. "Also check for any sound traps like cans and stuff on the floor." The can thing was always one of her grandma's favourite tricks. If something or someone came through the window or the doors, most often than not they wouldn't be looking at their feet and knock over the pile of cans she had set up.

Soon enough she found a propped open window and waved the others over. One by one they crawled in, Charlotte first, Ollie second, the others following behind. The room they seemed to be in had beds lined up against the wall. It was more of an infirmary looking place than any sort of top grade medical facility. Silently, they all paired up and went searching for whatever they could. The room they were in seemed pretty picked clean and Charlie already had bleak hopes that they'd find anything useful.

Still, everything was relatively quiet other than their own scuffling footsteps. Eliza and Charlotte eventually found a room where shelves had fallen to the ground, random supplies scattered everywhere. The floor was cluttered and one could barely walk into it. "Either this was checked thoroughly or left untouched, try moving stuff around to see if there's anything useful, she suggested. Eliza was quick to move, getting on the ground to push stuff around. Charlie tried her best to step over stuff, pushing up the metal shelves from where they had fallen to make it easier to move around. Compared to the other rooms, this was trashed. It was unusual.

"I found some unlabeled bottles. Don't know what's in them, but let's take them anyways," Eliza muttered as she continued scrounging around. Charlie gave a small smile as she moved to the corner of the room where another shelf had fallen to the ground. She couldn't seem to budge it up, it was a lot heavier than the other ones. "Could you help me lift this up?" Charlotte asked, turning to look over her shoulder at Eliza. The girl quickly scurried her way over and grabbed the other end of the shelf unit, grunting as she tried lifting it back up. Eventually they got it up far enough, but Charlie quickly let go of her side when she felt a hand snake around her leg. She let out a small shriek as she frantically kicked. "Fuck, Charlotte, I can't hold this by myself!" cried Eliza, as Charlie was tugged back by the arm that stuck out from underneath all the junk below her. Falling to the ground, Charlie let out a panicked cry as she heard an ever larger crash and groan from Eliza. Trying to twist around, she finally broke free of the infected's grip, but as she struggled to get up, the hand that previously had grabbed her turned into two as it clamped on to her outstretched arm. Charlie didn't know what to do. In that very moment, it's like everything she'd learned went blank. She could actually feel her body go into shock and she didn't know how to stop it. She just fucking paused. And because she paused, she gave the damn bastard all the time it needed to sink its teeth right into her upper arm as it tried to tear her flesh out.

In a moment, her panic was cut off by a large crack of a gun going off and a cold, horrendous smelling splatter of blood landing on her face. The biting grip on her arm turned slack. Soon everything seemed to move back into reality. Turning her head towards to doorway, she saw Ollie standing there, gun pointed in the direction of an infected's head that was now blown open, blackened blood pouring out of it. In an instant he was over, tugging on her good arm to get her up, commanding, "help me get this shelf up off Eliza!"" Charlie went on autopilot, helping him lift it off before he dragged her out from under it. She was knocked unconscious and the awful bend to her leg showed that the bone had basically snapped in half. Ollie picked her up and left without another word, Charlie following behind him, a grip on her bleeding arm. She couldn't think about that now. She needed to make sure Eliza would wake up.

Ollie led the way back to the infirmary area and dumped Eliza on the bed, before turning to face Charlie. She was quick to note the hand that rested on his gun. Holding up her hands in surrender, as in instinct, she tried to stop her voice from shaking as she stated, "I can still help. I can help Eliza. Let me do that, then you can do what you need to do. She needs to get back to the community as fast as she can and we both know she won't be moving by herself very fast even if she wakes up." There was a pause as he stared her down. They both knew she was the only one in the group with any sort of medical knowledge, no matter how sparse it was. He must have contemplated for about two minutes before he grunted and dropped his bag. He rummaged through it for a second before grabbing a clothe bandage and throwing it at her. "Wrap it on your arm. Don't let the other's know. Tell them it was a close call. You and I will deal with this when we can leave. We'll spend the night here, so help me get a cover on that open window." Charlie nodded. She could keep busy.

As long as she was busy, she didn't have to think of her imminent death.