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located in Black and White, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.

Black and White



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Character Portrait: Sonea Almsworthy
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The nightmare came again, the man in the room walking towards her as she lay prone and bound to a table. He smiled down at her while he recited some sort of words she couldnt understand. He laughed at her fear and trembled with delight when she tried to pull herself free from the bonds. He went to a table to grab something from it and withdrew a melon baller from it then placed it over a flame to heat it.

"With this final sacrifice, I shall be ascended to the hand of God himself. You my dear...shall be my Eye to see the world around me. An arm to open the door...and a soul to burn the lantern to guide me through to the Dark"

He turned and walked towards her and she let out a blood curdling scream as the melon baler was brought to her eye...

Sonea lurched forward and panted hard, thrashing off the blanket that covered her and sat at the edge of the bed. It was a dream...just a dream. Albeit a horrific nightmare but still just a dream. He wasnt there anymore, he couldnt hurt her anymore. She brought her one arm up to rub her face free of the cold sweat that covered it and then stood up. Turning to look out the window, she saw the rain, now being around mid morning. She shook her head and let out a grumbling sigh of frustration.

"Why couldnt it be evening?" She asked herself then went to the other side of the bed so she could retrieve her arm. Her fingers gripped the wrist of the prosthetic and slipped it into place while testing to make sure the connections still worked. Gripping tightly with her fist, she nodded once to herself then headed for the bathroom to start her routine.

It was always the same, first check the eyes, then the nose, then her torso, rear, back and arm to make sure there was no bleeding. Sadly to say, there was a rather long cut on her leg, probably from the nightmare and grumbled about how much blood had already been lost and set to bandaging the wound to stop it. There wasnt any pain, there never was any pain at all. She was at least thankful for that at the very least.

After her shower and check up, she went down into her kitchen and started to fix herself some breakfast and turned on the news to read what had happened over the course of the night. Of course it was nothing special until she looked next to the television and saw the calander. In big, red letters it read "Groceries Today". Of course it was grocery day she reminded herself and finished her meager breakfast of cereal and milk then gathered up her pocketbook, bags, list and bus fare and headed out into the marketplace. She kept her arm covered with a glove as to avoid people staring at her and pulled her hood up to keep her dry from the rain. It was a very nasty day after all.

After a few hours, she arrived at the market and proceeded into the district with her list in hand.