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Snippet #2715332

located in Sadla, a part of Dragon Ball Super: Heroes of Universe 6, one of the many universes on RPG.


Sadala is the original home world of the Saiyan race.


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Character Portrait: Dashade Character Portrait: Nion Character Portrait: Pikruel Character Portrait: Kazam Character Portrait: Lettiz
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Lettiz caught her daughter in her arms when the blue Saiyan tossed Pikruel at her. As she looked at Pikruel's limp body, Nion's words rang in her mind. It reminded Lettiz of a time two decades before, as she laid her head on the lap of a Saiyan man with deep blue eyes and a black goatee. The skies over the barren wastelands were overcast, with a few heavy black clouds that seemed ready to burst.

Lettiz' rest was interrupted by the sound of a heavy footstep on a nearby tall rock formation. Staring down at them was a Saiyan woman in red and black armor. Her tail wrapped around her armor like a belt. Her smirk made Lettiz' blood freeze.

"So we've finally caught up to you, Lettiz. Did you really think you could escape the Saiyaban clan that easily? Here you are, with that...filth."

Lettiz and the male Saiyan rose to their feet. They were soon surrounded on all sides from Saiyans in similar armors, and about a third of them with tails. No escape.

"Why can't you just leave us alone? Let us live our own lives, and go live your own!"

"Your life, like ALL our lives, belongs to the Saiyabans. For generations, we've worked hard to restore the true Saiyan bloodline. Your blood, Lettiz, is part of that bloodline. How could you throw all of it away for this...outsider who for all we know isn't even a pure blooded Saiyan?"

"I can't control who I fall in love with. And his name is Kukumba! I don't care about your bloodline! Who cares if he has the tail gene or not?"

"Who cares? Who cares? We care. Your parents cared, and their parents before them! Our so-called king chooses to waste Saiyan potential by using our people as bodyguards for the weak, and he ignores our own problems on Sadala. A true Saiyan takes pride in his strength. One day, when our numbers grow, we will use our mighty Oozaru forms to take back the crown and restore our former glory! People like you are an insult to our name. If you will not hear reason, then we will put you out of our misery!"

The Saiyan male turned to Lettiz and whispered, "Remember that technique I taught you?"

Lettiz nodded affirmatively. As the Saiyabans poised for their attack, Lettiz and Kukumba lifted their hands and created white balls of light at the hands. With their backs to each other, they shielded their eyes with their free arms and launched the Flash Bangs in opposite directions. There was a bright, blinding, white flash that left the Saiyabans screaming and angrily rubbing their eyes.

"Let's go!" said Lettiz. Without hesitation, the two took off in a random direction, creating distance between them and their enemies. But they knew the Saiyabans wouldn't be blinded forever, so they had to find someplace to hide. They found a fissure in the ground and hid between the two walls of clay. Before long the woman from before caught up to them, stopping just above them, scanning the area.

"You can't hide forever! We'll find you soon enough! With this Tuffle scouter, you can't move a muscle without me knowing it!"

"She's the only one with a scouter," Lettiz whispered. "We can take her and make our escape."

"Wait," Kukumba replied. He pulled a badge from off of his chest and handed it to Lettiz. "In case we don't meet again, I want you to have something to remember me by."

"What? Why would I--"

Kukumba gave a swift chop to Lettiz's neck, knocking her out. When she finally came to hours later, the only source of light was the moon above her. She could hear in the distance the angry footsteps of Great Apes causing destruction to the landscape. She could find no signs of Kukumba anywhere, and she was afraid to call for him and risk being found, but she could see something glimmering in the moonlight nearby. As she bent down to pick it up, she recognized what it was. The broken pieces of a scouter.