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Snippet #2715538

located in Ravenshawke, a part of Of Gears and Gadgets, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome one and all to Ravenshawke, the city of automaton extraordinaire!


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Character Portrait: Theodore Sawyer Character Portrait: Jenka Hurt
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Theo only hurried faster down the street after colliding with a girl, immensely glad his mask hid his bright red face. At least he hadn't recognized her, or else he would've had to worry about being seen by friend with a mechanical whore over his shoulder. The sooner he got that monstrosity off of his arm, the better.

It wasn't long before he was back in front of his shop, much to his relief. He kicked the door open and backed inside, immediately ripping the mask off once the door was closed again. Theo was just hanging the facial covering on a wall hook when he heard a snort behind him. "Whatcha got there? I thought weren't into women."

Theo turned around and rolled his good eye at his brother, who was leaning against the banister leading upstairs. "You know precisely why I have a girl with me, and it's not because I wooed her with my charming personality and stunningly good looks." He pretended to flip hair over his shoulder as he made his way to the steps. "Now, do you want to help me crack open a clockwork girl or not, Jenka?"

Jenka shook his head with a grin and took the load off of his brother. "Of course I do. Although I am a bit curious over how you look more feminine than she does." Theo only responded with one finger in the air as he headed up the stairs to their work space. The sooner they finished with this job, the better.