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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2716529

located in Tokyo, Japan, a part of Halcyon, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tokyo, Japan



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Ambre Vermillion

Down the well wasn't the worst of it. The second she stepped back into the Kotonoha mansion, Ambre witnessed the entire household in peril. Guards were interlocked in duels with grotesque slime monsters, but there were far too many for them to deal with. “Get back!” She shouted at the guards, but she barely even waited. Ambre widened her stance and spread her arms; beginning to cast a spell. Large chunks of interior crumbled within the blink of an eye. Exposed pipelines twisted violently to uproot from the floor. From the walls, the wiring snapped and sizzled sparks of electricity. Ambre squinted her eyes and bit her lip; with so many guards nearby, she had not an inch of room for error here. The pipelines screeched as bent, the wires wrapped their selves around the pipes and their ends dangled in front of them. Taking one last breath, Ambre took aim for the slimes and blasted them with jets of electrified water!

The slimes she hit convulsed and smelled as if they were burning; the few that escaped her high voltage barrage crawled out of her sight as quickly as they could. The broken pipelines were leaking water; flooding the mansion. Large spots on the floor were scorched completely black. What a scene. Ambre thought to herself; a sentiment reflected by many others in the room. The guards stared at the Vermillion girl in disbelief of her reckless stunt. “Do you even have the time to bask in my glory?” Ambre quipped – well aware their eyes said something completely different. It's always like this. She lamented internally, but there was no time to waste; she had to find Lukas or Rosa. “Go, go, go!”

The guest quarters were closer than the dining room, Jetlag or not, you're coming to solve this. Ambre thought to herself, as she ran through the corridors. Yet before she could knock on Rosa's door, Ambre could sense a powerful but strange magical presence from Kallen's room... Her heart skipped a beat. It can't be. She thought, her fingers shivering as she grabbed the handle and opened the door.

“What happened?” Kallen asked. He seemed unharmed but somewhat confused by his sister's sudden arrival. Ambre's heart dropped from her throat back into her chest, silently thanking her lucky stars her brother was safe.

“They're under attack.” Ambre panted as she stepped into Kallen's room. “There's a demon near the pillar and slimes are everywhere. Where's Lukas?” Without waiting for an answer, Ambre threw open the door separating Kallen and Lukas' rooms and barged in. “Lukas! We need an exorcism! There's a demon possessing a boy. The white-hair one that handed out maps. Look,” Ambre pulled and unfolded the enchanted parchment out of her pocket, waving it in front of the young wizard. “Right here is a well, it's the entrance to the pillar chamber.” Ambre pointed at the centre of the estate. “Takiya and Risako are holding him back; they'll tell you what do to.”

“Meanwhile, we-” Ambre placed her hand on her hip and turned to face Kallen, “- have another wizard to catch.”