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located in Ravenshawke, a part of Of Gears and Gadgets, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome one and all to Ravenshawke, the city of automaton extraordinaire!


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Character Portrait: Felicity Stein
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Before long, Felicity reached the building she called home. On the outside, it looked like a small, run-down warehouse, but it was fairly spacious inside, as it housed Felicity's small cargo airship, Lady Luck. She climbed the stairs leading to her living quarters and entered through the door. As she shut it behind her she looked around. Sure enough, she was soon greeted by the scarred face of her favorite person in the world, Carina.

"Welcome home," said the small girl standing in front her. "What'cha bring me?"

Felicity laughed. Carina was the only person these days who could make her do so. "Why don't we find out?" said Felicity, setting the box on the table. Carina smiled excitedly and waited as Felicity tore off the brown paper and unwrapped the box.

Inside was a small tubular device about six inches long and an inch in diameter. It had three buttons on the side in different colors and a groove along the bottom that contained a single copper wire. The wire led from a power switch at one end to an odd translucent orb at the other. Etched into the side was the single word "vision." Felicity pressed the power button but nothing happened. She pressed the buttons along the side and still nothing happened.

She passed it to a disappointed Carina who examined it. "I think its broken," she said after a moment.

Wouldn't surprise me," replied Felicity. "I may have dropped it on the way home."

Carina eyed her balefully then sighed. She thought for a moment. "We should probably bring it to a mechanic to see if it can be be fixed," she concluded.

"What kind of mechanic would know how to deal with strange tech like this," asked Felicity skeptically.

Carina smiled mischievously. "I know just the place."