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located in Sadla, a part of Dragon Ball Super: Heroes of Universe 6, one of the many universes on RPG.


Sadala is the original home world of the Saiyan race.


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Nion didn't know where she ended up, all she knew is that as soon as the rage took over, her brain took a back seat to the fire in her eyes. Everything else in her body had worked on its own, dragging her away before she ripped someone's head off. Namely Pikruel. Dashade, she didn't really care about and Kazaam didn't really seem to suffer much from dismemberment, but assaulting another Saiyan and attempting to kill them could have landed her in some hot water. Something which she begrudgingly took in her thoughts.

When her sight returned, she found herself in an alleyway, her hand holding some food she had swiped from god knows where. "Privelged Twats..." SHe muttered to herself, pushing on through the alley. "Good for them that they're too pathetic t care about their race... With their damn tails" Pikruel had a tail, Letiz had a tail, Dashade had a tail. Hell, Kazaam had a HEAD tail. "I'm a saiyan..."

"What is that? What's with it's skin?

"I'm a Saiyan"

"That is not my daughter!"

"I'm unique, that's why I'll be the best"

"You're not a Saiyan, you're just a pale imitation of the real thing"