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Snippet #2716837

located in Tokyo, Japan, a part of Halcyon, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tokyo, Japan



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Character Portrait: Kallen Vermillion Character Portrait: Lukas Isharian Character Portrait: Ambre Vermillion
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Lukas gave a wave of his wand after Kallen was a foot away from the portal, a sharp flick aimed at the circle. The circle was wiped in half like an eraser on a drawing in photoshop, and when nothing exploded Lukas let out a silent sigh of relief and wiped it clean with his wand.

"Alright, that worked. Here, um, give me a second." Fumbling at the bracelets decorating his wrist, Lukas detached a brown charm that was in the shape of a book the size of his fingertip. Delicately, he pressed it against the runic book, mumbling an incomprehensible phrase under his breath. The book charm glowed a faint red that enveloped the book like a scanner before fading. When Lukas removed the charm from the book and tapped it, the charm book flipped open, pages ruffling to the middle as it glowed the color of old parchment. A beam of light shot up, and like a flower unfurling its petals in bloom, a hologram of the runic book appeared. Lukas moved away, leaving Kallen free control of the book.

It was a charm Lukas had created in his early years, one he used to keep a record of books he'd liked, similar to a Ereading function on a phone. Although I should probably start using it on all my books now, in case something like this happens again, Lukas thought self depreciatingly. Reaching his hand up, Lukas quickly flipped through the pages, typing rapidly as he compared the picture to the holographic book.

"Ok, I think I got it." Lukas said out loud, frowning in concentration. "These outer circles represent us. Each symbol represents each clan - Kotonoha, Vermillion, Isharian. I don't understand what the fourth one at the top means, but maybe its something that they have in common? Maybe its related to the middle of the circle-"

Ambre burst through the door, interrupting whatever Lukas had to say. As Kallen and Ambre chatted, Lukas moved absently to the side, mind buzzing with equations and combinations as he deciphered the circle.

They'd been mistaken about it not being a summoning circle - the middle of the circle was decorative, an image of the sun, but it was a cleverly designed timer for a disguised summoning circle. Combined with the words deciphered from the runes, it was clearly an attack on the house. But what was it -

“Lukas!" Ambre yelled. "We need an exorcism!"

"Aaa!" Lukas flinched as Hurricane Ambre broke into the room, giving a small yelp of surprise that was thankfully lost underneath Ambre's explanation. As Ambre gave him information, Lukas's face grew clouded with worry and concern. The boy - Yuki - that gave them the map was possessed, Takiya and Risako where holding him back, they needed an exorcism at the pillar chamber. "Got it," Lukas said with a nod after Ambre finished. He turned to leave, but paused as an idea crossed his mind. That'd be pretty helpful...

Lukas turned back to the map, adding code as he kept half an ear out for further chat. "We, um, deciphered part of the circle." He explained rapidly after Ambre finished, fingers flying over the hologram. "It's a disguised summoning circle - probably used to summon the demon by that wizard you mentioned, but it seems to complex for something like that." Lukas frowned thoughtfully. "There was a symbol and rune in one of the inner mini-circles that resembled a demon though, so maybe-" a beeping sound interrupted him, and Lukas glanced down at the map. "Ah, its done."

The map now resembled a simplistic video game map. Red, purple and yellow trackers shaped like tiny arrows marked where Lukas, Kallen and Ambre were respectively, located via the maps. Wherever the maps - and by extension their owners - went, the trackers would go on the map, tiny arrows representing them like a video game protagonist. At the well near the center of the pillar chamber, a green beacon shone brightly, indicating the location Lukas had to reach. Lukas made a note to add the Kotonoha siblings to the map later - after meeting up with them, maybe.

"Alright, I'm off." Lukas said briskly, striding towards the door. He tucked the photo of the circle into his pocket, book charm long since deactivated. With his free hand, he withdrew his wand, holding it in his hand like a gun (too tightly like an amateur duelist, anxiety roiling in his stomach). The explanation of the wizard and circle didn't sit well with Lukas, doubt and suspicion niggling at his mind like barely connecting circuits, but there was no time. Exorcist first, then think about it later. Lukas reminded himself, opening the door, and with that he began to run towards the location.