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located in Sadla, a part of Dragon Ball Super: Heroes of Universe 6, one of the many universes on RPG.


Sadala is the original home world of the Saiyan race.


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"No, no, no. I'd rather not end up flayed like dinosaur meat. Maybe you can use something a bit Like maybe a big stick? You could get one from that tree over there." At this Kazaam visably shrunk with disappointment, pursing her lips in a childish pout as she threw upper sword up into the air.

"But what's the point if I can slice slice people? Sword too big to cut butter" The child leaned to the side with a 'wait for it' wink towards Pikruel, obviously attempting to catch the sword with the shief on her back. And catch the sword she did... Only, not with the shief, instead the sword ended up embedded deep within her shoulder, sliding quite easily through her gum-like flesh. "...I think something went wrong, are my shoulders supposed to sting?"


Little did Nion know that her moment of self-reflection wasn't done in vacuum, the dark alley giving the perfect spot to give the blue figure to stand in the shoulders for a smoke break after his meeting with the King. "You made quite the ruckus, ey?" Soil had a large fedora pulled over his face, casting most of his features into shadow. "Shaking you up something fierce"