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Snippet #2717908

located in Dark Grove, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Dark Grove

A dark grove deep within an ancient and foreboding wood. An old graveyard and a decrepit crypt are situated at its center and a faint path winds westward out of the grove and back towards the main trail.


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Character Portrait: Doctor Durough
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as an ancient trees shook in a storm that cropped up around an ancient grave site, a young girl barely out of her teens stood over a single grave. The girl shimmered. as she chanted a corpse rose from the grave crumbling the grave stone on it's way out of the ground. she lightly took a step back as it stood. the cold rotted corpse looking at her blankly. "Do you remember me?" she asks the corpse.

The corpse in turn grabs her arm and stare as her in which she stare back through the mask. in a matter of seconds it took a turn for the worst as it shoved her an proceeded to try and eat her. she immediately shouted something thrusting a hand towards the corpse which immediately burst into dust...

"damn" she stated sadly, starting to get up and stare at the damage. most of the graves in the area were damaged beyond repair and where bodies were sinkhole are now. she took a slight step back as she tried to grip a grave behind her she fell through.