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Snippet #2718181

located in Sadla, a part of Dragon Ball Super: Heroes of Universe 6, one of the many universes on RPG.


Sadala is the original home world of the Saiyan race.


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Character Portrait: Dashade Character Portrait: Nion Character Portrait: Pikruel Character Portrait: Kazam Character Portrait: Soil
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"Stop yelling, it really hurts my ears!" The child moaned, seemingly paying no mind to the sword wedged in her shoulder. At Dashade's outburst of insults, Kazaam could feel her eyes tearing up, screaming out "WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH MEANIES, I JUST WANTED TO BE COOL!" With a sniffle and a pout she wrenched the sword out of her shoulder with out so much as a grunt of pain, the sword easily sliding out of her flesh as she redirected it into the actual shief.

Where the sword once was there had been a deep hole left, strands of ripped flesh reaching out towards each other as if Kazaam's skin was alive.


Soil pulled his gloved hands up defensively, chuckling at Nion's aggressive reaction. "Hey, Birdie, don't get so fired up. I was just curious what was with all the harsh words" At her inquiry for his name, Soil let out another chuckle, the split second that his open mouth came into view, the sun reflected off of his teeth, leaving a bright sharp glint. "A tourist with a winning smile? I was simply on business with the big boss man in the castle. You know, war with the lizard king and all"

The man took a step closer, though it wasn't like a normal step in a walk or jog, it was as if he was moving to some sort of beat. The first step to a dance. "A tail, you say? I thought Saiyans had been left with only their bare cheeks. Well, aside from my boss"