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located in Sadla, a part of Dragon Ball Super: Heroes of Universe 6, one of the many universes on RPG.


Sadala is the original home world of the Saiyan race.


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"Your boss is a Saiyan?" Nion almost scoffed at the idea of another Saiyan working with such a slimely loking creature, but then agian, she wasn't one to talk when she was working with Dashade. And who more slimely than the lizard wet behind the ear? "Then I'm guessing they're not apart of the Sadala Defence Force or something" Saiyans on Sadala had plenty of choice in their life, but they were expected to align their aleigince with Sadala. Whether that meant joining the military or getting a job on planet didn't matter to them.

The man loked shady enough to be a routine criminal, maybe he was apart of that intergalactic biker gang that one Saiyan started. What was her name again? Culu? Cati? Brolina?