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Snippet #2719377

located in Tokyo, Japan, a part of Halcyon, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tokyo, Japan



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Character Portrait: Kotonoha Takiya Character Portrait: Kallen Vermillion Character Portrait: Kotonoha Risako Character Portrait: Lukas Isharian Character Portrait: Ambre Vermillion
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γ€ŒMagic Knight 2」

γ€Œ#965660 | #DFA855 」

After the demon possessing Yukito had been expelled from his body, the white hair boy laid where he was struck, motionlessly. "Yukito!" Takiya called out hastily as he dashed forward towards his apprentice, unwrapping him off the prayer bead and held the younger boy up in his arm. His breath was weakened, but fortunately, his heart was still beating. His eyes, demonically reddened only a while ago, are now back to their primitive state. Yukito then stirred and mumbled weakly, "T...Takiya-sama... is that... you?"

Takiya smiled lightly and brushed some of Yukito's stranded hair away, "Yes, it's over now. Just rest."

As if a sense of relief and assurance had just washed over him, Yukito's consciousness left him completely as he nudged over Takiya's shirt. Holding the boy up in his arms, he stood up and turned to Risako and Lukas, "Let's get outta here. I have a feeling our estate has already been wrecked into a ruin up there already. But don't let your guard down yet." With that said, the three of them made their way out of the sanctuary. For now, the Pillar will be safe, as Minami can take care of any other intruders should they have the guts to face her head on.

And as Takiya expected, the scenery outside the well is a complete mess. Every corner of the estate was reduced to ruin. One good thing though, is that there seemed to be no more monsters wandering about, as the guards have apparently dispersed of them for now. However, most of them are all worn out and wounded, as the few lucky unscathed ones are trying to clean up the mess that the attackers left behind and tend for the less lucky ones.

So, the Vermillions and the Isharians are also like this when they were under attack... Takiya thought and sighed. Never had he thought they would be struck with such severe casualty like this. All of the security tasked with the duty of supervising the estate are of the top elites, yet there are those who have died for their causes. This could only proved how much the odds are against them in the upcoming days, not to mention that the Drakens are even yet to step into play. They need to step up their games now, or everything they are trying to fight for is lost.

"Takiya-san." Shinoda and Tetsuo called over to Takiya as they approached him. They too didn't look very bright after what had happened, but at least they are still alive.

"Glad to see you two didn't end up in body bags." He nodded to them, "How's thing?"

"It seemed that the situation was much worse than we anticipated, but luckily the body count is kept at the lowest possible. I think we have warded them off for now, but I have no ideas when will they strike again. Hopefully we'll be more ready when that happen."

"What's done is done, we'll see if we can rejuvenate the situation before we face another storm." Takiya remarked, "Let's focusing on cleaning things up and heal our wounds for now. Get me a medic." He then carried Yukito into the nearest room that hadn't been destroyed yet


It was the third time those two trying to corner me up and tried to beat me to a pulp already. I don't know what exactly that had happened. All that I've ever seen in my life is darkness. Yet, this time, I don't know why, but I felt as if a hidden strength within me had told me to fight back, to live on even though I have no directions to aim for, and to no longer running. And before I could even notice, I have taken them down.

"Hey boy, nice putting these two scoundrels down. You okay?"

Another man approached me, and I have no idea who he is, or how he looked like. But I can faintly felt that he is extending his arm, offered to lift me up. Unlike the two I beaten down, this person exerted no ill intentions towards me, but he is much, much stronger than them, and at the same time intimidating. I felt like if he wanted to kill me, then he would be able to do it in mere seconds. That was enough to send chills through my back, as shook my head violently and curled into a ball.

"Hey, no worries. I'm not going to harm you or anything. Tell me your name?"

"... I... don't know... For as long as I know... I have been wandering on these streets..."

"You're visually impaired, yet you managed to survive that long by relying on your other senses alone, completely unaided. That, I must say, is simply remarkable. I don't think I could have been able to pull that off if I were you."

Although the man is still quite intimidating, at the same time, his words also felt so... tender and genuinely caring. Never in my life have someone treated me that way. And somehow, strange feelings I have never had before filled my heart.

"Thank... you...?"

"Say, I think if you are trained enough, you will be very strong one day. I certainly can use a hand like you around my place." He extended his arm once again towards me, "So what do you say? Will you come with me and be my apprentice?"

Those words for me were like a lifesaver, and I certainly would be a fool to pass such an offer. But somewhere in my heart, I think I accepted it simply because that I wanted to know more about this man, and to be closer to him. So, like someone who was offered a rescued hand after having drifting on the ocean for ages, I reached out my own hand to him.


"That's good. My name is Takiya, I came from the Kotonoha household." The man called Takiya helped me to stand up, as he patted my shoulder, "You have beautiful white hair like snow, and since you don't know your name, from now on I will call you 'Yukito', how does that sound?"

I don't think I have ever smiled so happily in my life before, as I was quick to accept my new given name. I must looked really silly back then, but I don't think I care, as I know for sure that... I was saved.


Two Days Later

Everything slowly went back into order as two days slowly passed by after the attack of the monsters on the Kotonoha estate. As far as things are concerned, no Drakens were involved in this attack, but the monsters surely must have taken orders from someone. The explanations are still on Lukas and Kallen, who have been researching the magic circle that Takiya found, though after their encounter with the dullahan demon, both Kallen and Ambre have been shaken up quite a bit, and Kallen have been outcold ever since. One good thing though is the wrecked Kotonoha estate is now restored with the help of Ambre and the guards, and those who survived the attack are now healed and revitalized, prepared for any further movements from the invaders. Those who unfortunately given up their lives have also been given proper burial.

On other news, Rosa somehow had disappeared during the whole ordeal and was nowhere to be found. The search for her had been going on for the past two days, yet there were no positive results so far. The Isharian household on the other side of the world was quick to be informed by this and they have promised to send another one of their wizards as a temporal replacement for Rosa until she is found.

They were all shaken up by what had happened, but they all know the risks, and they needed to be vigilant still.

Yukito began to stir as the sunshine peaked through the curtain of the room he was lying in. "Morning, sleepy head. How do you feel?" Takiya, who was sitting next to the futon he laid on, asked with a light smile.

"Takiya-sama?" He abruptly sat up when he heard the familiar voice, then turned his face away while blushing a little, "I... I'm fine. Better than ever, I suppose."

"You've been out cold for two days already, you know." Takiya filliped on Yukito's forehead, which caused the boy to let out an 'Ow' why rubbing the place where he was hit, "Just how careless you are to allow yourself to be possessed like that?"

"I... I'm sorry. Everything was in such a ruse back then..." He gripped the blanket, feeling guilty for having caused trouble for his master. But then, he was taken aback when Takiya ruffle his hair, "Just kidding. I was worried, you know. Be sure to watch your back next time." He said with a smile.

Yukito's face scrunched up as if he wanted to cry, and then without restraining himself, turned to Takiya and hugged him, buried his face into his well-toned abs. "H-Hey, what's wrong?"

"I swear... I'll never leave your side... Takiya-sama... I'll give up even my life for you..." The white hair boy mumbled between sobs, which left Takiya to blink in confusion, as he was left stunned by the sudden emotional outbreak of his apprentice. But he just let Yukito to hug him anyway.

"Yeah, I know. You're important to me too, so don't come dying." Takiya ruffled the boy's hair like a mother comforting her child and smiled.