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Snippet #2720407

located in Ouran Academy, a part of The New Ouran High School Host Club!, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ouran Academy

Welcome to Ouran Academy !


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ichiro Sato Character Portrait: Yukio Kaiyo Character Portrait: Naoko Amachi Character Portrait: Koichi Tachibana Character Portrait: Kyo Tsukuda Character Portrait: Miku Fujiwara Character Portrait: Kurogawa Hisashi
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”Oh. Well, inspiration comes and goes. Sometime I’d really like to see what you’ve made,” Yuki said sweetly as he finished stuffing the colored pencils into his school bag and zipped it up; he laid the bag down on top of the table before leaning over to take back his sketchbook and place it by his school bag.

”Fantastic!” He cheers while pushing his chair into the table. Yukio then holds his hand out to gently take Kyo's hand, helping her up before pushing in her seat for her. As Hisashi approached them Yuki was quick to noticed what he held in his hand. “Awwe! It’s mini Rila-chan! Hehe~” With a spring in his step he gave Hisashi a quick hug before snatching the tiny bear as if he were a dragon and that were his precious little jewel. “Thank you, Hisa-kun.” After examining it for a few seconds with all smiles he set the bigger Rilakkuma on the table while he clips the keychain onto his bag before whipping back around as Koichi inquired about what they would be baking and at that moment he also took notice of a new guest whom he assumed to be a first year.

“Yup! That's right,” he points his index finger up, “but no one gets a bite to eat unless they help.” Yuki states before giving a wink and leading the group into the kitchen. From one of the cabinets he received an apron and a tiny chef’s hat which he then pinned onto Rila-chan’s head. Once he had his apron tied, Yukio began handing out aprons to the others, “Someone look for the recipe. It's in that big cookbook.” He said referring to the book which had to be at least 6 cm thick. It surprised Yukio how fast this one girl found the recipe.
Woah she's a quick one! At most it takes me a few minutes...

“Okay, we’re gonna split into two main teams. Whoever wants to make the crust go over to that side with Miss…?” He paused for the young lady to introduce herself, “...and whoever wants to make the fillin’ stand by me!" Once everyone picked their team he spoke once more, "Alrighty, let's get started shall we?”


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When Naoko approached the growing circle she was quick to observe a few things. Her eyes glanced at the albino with the stuffed animal. So his name is Yuki... She then glanced at the quiet and strong Hisashi. That guy there must be Hisa? ...And we're about to bake an apple pie? I can handle this.

She quietly followed into the kitchen with the others. Although she was a little nervous, it wouldn't hold her back from having a good time. When Yukio needed help to find the recipe, Naoko took the big blue cookbook and started flipping through. Just as she could run she could read: fast. In total it took her less than 45 seconds to locate the recipe for Apple Pie. “Found it.”

Naoko looks down at the recipe then looks back up to ask Yukio, “Half of us can make the crust and the other half can make the filling. We would get things done a lot faster that way?” He agreed and then instructed everyone to separate into teams, but she introduced herself as “Naoko” in the middle of the introduction.

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Rather startled by a sudden Chss (though not visibly alarmed), Miku stopped and stared emotionless at this guy who just came out of nowhere. For a second she wasn’t sure if she was even in the mood to listen to a single word he had to say, but it only took three words to catch her attention. This guy…
Huh. Well, things are starting to get interesting, aren’t they?

”Shutdown The one of the most popular clubs at Ouran Academy? Is that some kind of joke?” She snickered teasingly as a microscopic smirk gradually grew and her eyes glowed with dimly lit ambition..
“That’s not such a bad idea.”

“If you seriously want to do away with this “club”  we will need to convince the Student Council that The Host-Hooligans are less than beneficial to Ouran. To do that we may have to do some dirty work... Luckily, I have this." From her bag she pulled out a single key on a ring and started to spin it around her finger,“This is a universal key. Only teachers and members of Student Council are allowed to carry this key. Normally I wouldn't take advantage of my privileges, but maybe it will come in handy in sabotaging their reputation.."