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located in Ouran Academy, a part of The New Ouran High School Host Club!, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ouran Academy

Welcome to Ouran Academy !


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Character Portrait: Shigure Inoue Character Portrait: Ai Kimura
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xxxx"You may sit with me today if you wish, my dear. I will show you the ways of the Host Club, and you can figure out for yourself if it's something for you, though I'm sure it will be. We are quite popular, you know," It was a reasonable suggestion. The only way for Ai to know if she'd enjoy Host Club was to give it a try. But is the hand holding necessary? she thought, staring back into Shigure's eyes. The dog comparison wasn't over as she pictured a pair of dog ears sprouting from his golden locks. Shigure winked at her but Ai was ever phlegmatic as he led her deeper into the music room to sit down with a group. She was cooperative, sitting down beside the Host Club prince without saying anything but she could feel the intense gazes upon her from his other guests. She wasn't usually the center of attention so when she was, she was very conscious of it. "Miss, would you like some tea?" She carefully reached for the cup offered to her, holding onto it elegantly like she'd done this before. "Thank you." she said softly before taking a sip. She wasn't nervous venturing out of her comfort zone but the tea did manage to soothe her.

xxxxTime passed just like that, sitting down on the couches drinking tea. The Host Club was more relaxed than she imagined. It was just like having a tea party, only with one male host to lead or motivate the conversation. "You're new to Host Club right?" One of the girls sitting with them asked her. "Yes." Ai answered simply. Conversations continued just like that, Ai going along with the flow but giving short responses to any question directed her way. She was polite but she had just met these people. She wasn't going to blurt out her whole life story. Although, some of the girls did their own in an attempt to gain Shigure's interest and attention. Ai's eyes would subtly glance over to Shigure next to her to observe a host in action. He really was like a prince, an energetic one whose battery never run out...

xxxx"Oh no! I'm soooo sorry!" The peacefulness had crumbled because of one girl's 'mishap'. No, you're not. Ai wasn't being cynical. She could have sweatdropped at how obvious the girl's lie was. Her eyes lowered to her clothes that were soaked. She couldn't feel too much of the heat so that was a good thing. If the tea had spilled on exposed skin, it would have hurt and she might not be this calm and collected. "Miss Ai, I apologize. Come, let me show you to our changing rooms, I'm sure we can find something for you to change into. We can't have you stuck in wet clothes now, can we?" Ai held back a sigh, accepting Shigure's gracious offer but quickly, she was dragged to his pace. If Shigure was a dog, then Ai was having difficulty pulling back the leash. It wasn't until she was standing alone in an unfamiliar dressing room with a dress she did not choose for herself, that she released the sigh. Well, it is a Host Club for males. I should be thankful they have something for women in my size to begin with..

xxxxAi exited the dressing room. Although part of her wanted to stay inside until the club was over, Shigure was waiting for her on the other side and she should just get it over with instead of delaying the inevitable. His reaction was... unexpected. Etto.. He looks as happy as Shigure the dog did whenever I set down his pet bowl filled to the brim. "Shall we?" Gazing at Shigure the Host Club prince, that's when she realized her dog never blushed though. ... Huh? Ai wasn't the brightest when it came to understanding boys. She nodded and followed Shigure back to the couch, sitting back where she once sat like nothing had changed. Although, the stares directed at her felt more intense... like she was being burned alive by the sun. Ah, the dress does make me stand out more. she mentally noted about to sip her tea but feeling the cup had gone cold from the time she took to get changed.

xxxx"Ai, you're so quiet.""Talk to us!""How about.. dislikes?" Ai stared at her lap contemplating the question. Unlike the other questions, it wasn't closed-ended requiring a mere yes or no. The girls waited on her, particularly Hana who was the one to think asking about dislikes was a good idea. She thinks I'm stupid, doesn't she? Most people asked about hobbies or interests, not dislikes. It tipped Ai off that Hana was planning to use that information against her. For a moment, she considered passing the question over to Shigure and skipping it entirely. It was his job to entertain the women and surely, they would like to hear him speak more than her but something stirred within her as she clenched one of her hands into a small fist. "I dislike people." She wasn't through, lifting her gaze so her eyeglasses reflected Hana's face solely. "--who try to ruin a good thing for others."