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Once upon a time, in an illustrious land of autumn hues far beyond the sunset is where your tale began. There you stood, in a field bathed in sunlight, waist high grasses browned by summer passed. It was a golden stretch of curiosity, natural and naked made seemingly for your exploration. Over to the west, a crag of dark stone stretched towards the sky. How did you get here? Where did you come from? The wind itself awaits your response.


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The Jinahi pondered new developments to the conversation in their quiet whispers as to not disturb the Living Emperor's conversation with a Celestialkind. They were the contemplative mind of Myrkul and they were always considering when in numbers such as this cabal of thousands. The whispering never ended through it usually pertained in snippets to a conversation writ in the larger area.

"Eldryth has redirected her transection arrival point to Tolyl's location.", said one.

"It is the lesser of Myrkul's prerogative. What is their objective?", replied its neighbor.

Answered another from nearby, "They are aware of the situation with the Beastkind. She intends to undertake investigations into suitable psi-seed containers for beastkind for purposes of rekindling."

"Restrictions may exist by dicta of the fallen Emperor to restrain such an action.", said one studying plaques attached to the wall of the Imposition.

"'Citizens of my empire shall not be allowed to perish from reality' inscribed in the holy city does not imply templating requirements.", said another reading a plaque with just such a message upon it.

"Can current dicta produce agents of the Living Emperor that are neither humankind nor dragonkind?", said another looking at the space marine stood in the middle of the room.

"This is a current example. It still constitutes a recognized servant of the Living Emperor.", replied another next to him.

"Acquire a beastkind sample if prudent. Jinhai will study it for rekindling. The Living Emperor's dicta should also apply to Eldryth.", said one while looking to Myrkul.

"There will be failures.", replied another at the back of the room tending to a small dias.

"'It is not meant that humankind should suffer long by the hands of enemies much less the state' does imply a template requirement for that concern.", said another from a different plaque inside the room.

"Then failures of Beastkind to rekindle can be destroyed as Tainted to reduce corruptive presence with no further concerns.", decided a Jinhai near the door arches.