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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2721000

located in Marcus' Bedroom, a part of Veritas Isle, one of the many universes on RPG.

Marcus' Bedroom

Marcus' Bedroom


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Character Portrait: Marcus Hilyard Character Portrait: Romilly Sanhart Character Portrait: Harper Granger
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Romilly snuck into Harper's room and thought she was asleep, but she was just lying there crying. She didn't even turn around when the door opened or closed. She never seen Harper like this and she wasn't sure what to do. If Harper did this to her months before coming here when she thought Harper was the only one she could lover more than life, then she would probably be just as mad and depressed. Romilly climbed into bed with her and didn't say anything. She didn't get too close to her in fear she would upset Harper even more. The storm had picked up and it seemed to make the room colder.

Harper turned around after some time and looked at her, anger written all over her face. "I hate you." She whispered. Romilly froze, she didn't know why she was so shocked to hear it.

It took a moment for her to collect her thoughts, "I can't say that I blame you... but it would have happened sooner or later. I couldn't just avoid it forever." Her voice cracked. She was about to start crying.

"On your wedding night it is kind of forced to happen... you went willingly into his arms. You wanted this."

She wasn't wrong... she did want it. Romilly wanted to push her hair back and tell her she was sorry till her very last breath, but it would be no use. "I will get a carriage for you tomorrow. You can leave on the first ship out. I am sorry I did this to you. I am sorry I dragged you here selfishly. And I am sorry that I fell in love with my soon to be husband, though now I guess I'm not. I rather be somewhat happy then live a life full of hate and bitterness."

Romilly got up and headed to the door. Harper pushed herself up and begged Romilly not to go and that she didn't mean what she said that she was hurt, but Romilly couldn't hear it. She had to let Harper go for her own sake. She walked out and closed the door before going into Marcus' room and curling under his covers. They were warm despite the lack of another person and it smell just like him.


Harper wanted to scream. She didn't mean it when she said she hated her. Harper didn't hate her she loved her too much which seemed to be the problem and now because of her big mouth she was being shipped back home. She didn't want to go back home, Romilly wouldn't be there. She threw the covers off and opened her door only to see Marcus, "Oh... I'm sorry... can I speak to Romilly please?." She asked. Marcus looked back at her and said that she wasn't here. Harper thanked him before closing the door and going check Marcus' room. She opened it to see Romilly and sighed.

Harper closed the door and locked it before climbing into bed with her. When Romilly turned she took both of her hands and cried, "Please don't send me away. Please let me stay here with you. I promise to marry Erorn. I promise to consumate it and have his child. Just don't send me back home. Romilly I couldn't bear being going home and you not being there. Please." She was shaking and crying. Romilly pulled her down gently and held her.

"It is selfish of me to keep you, Harper. I am going to love my husband, but not as much as I love you and I don't know how to get that to you. You are breaking right in front of me. Harper I have to-" Harper kissed her. She couldn't bare to hear anymore shit come from her mouth.

She loved Romilly and she was going to be with her anyway she can. Harper pulled away and looked down at her, "I am staying and that's that."