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Snippet #2721796

located in Ouran Academy, a part of The New Ouran High School Host Club!, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ouran Academy

Welcome to Ouran Academy !


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ichiro Sato Character Portrait: Yukio Kaiyo Character Portrait: Naoko Amachi Character Portrait: Kyo Tsukuda Character Portrait: Miku Fujiwara
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After peeling apples, chopping, adding sugar and various other ingredients, it wasn't long before the pie was popped in the oven. Once the timer set off Yukio put on his super cute oven mitts and carefully took the pie out of the oven, and set it down on the stove to cool. The smile on his face only proved how proud he was of the gooey creation. When Kyo suggested that he do the honors of cutting the pie, Yuki turned to open the knife drawer and retrieve a knife to cut and a tool to easily serve out the pieces. “If you insist.” Really he didn't care who did the slicing, all he wanted was to have it in his mouth and as quick as humanly possible.

Oh boy, it looks so delicious! Yukio giggled to himself as he cut up a slice for everyone who volunteered. His mouth was watering and he couldn't wait to sink his teeth into the cinnamon-apple goodness! Making sure everyone got a slice before he took his share, Yuki soon left the kitchen with the tiny plate of pie and made his way back to the table with his stuffed bear held tightly in his other arm.

As soon as he sat down, he pierced his fork into the dessert and took a bite. Yuki’s eyes were shining in pure delight. “Yummy〜!!” He squealed. Only did he stop eating to answer a question from Naoko. “Snacks and tea of course! We also dress up in fun costumes on occasion and host big events! But, this club also gives me a place I can draw… And I like the people that give me company while I do, but really, there are just so many things-- I really can’t choose. I love everything I guess.” Yuki responds then happily takes another bite… and another and another until his plate was bare. Good things always came to an end.

He spoke up when he noticed that his guest got up with her plate, “No no. I can take that for you.” Yukio said with a small and sweet smile before getting up from his chair and sitting Rilakkuma up to save his seat as he then went on to collect the dirty plates. After doing so the boy Lolita wandered off.

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With her slice of pie Naoko followed Yuki to the table she had noticed him sitting at earlier. She quietly sat down in a chair and couldn't help but notice how cute this host was. She didn't awe like most, but Naoko did show a soft smile to Yuki’s cry of joy.

So far she figured her experience here had been a good one, though Naoko was still unsure because she still had many questions and it was the wrong time for her to get all anxious. She toughened up and put on a cheerful and not so disoriented expression. “Y.. Yuki, what is your favorite thing about The Host Club?” Naoko forced herself to ask before silencing herself with a bite of the apple pie. Her eyes widened to how delicious it was. Oh my gosh.

While Yukio went on to answer the question Naoko ate away at the pie until the plate was practically clean. She felt a little bit like a pig for being one of the first to finish eating, but there was no denying how good that apple pie was. “This club really is interesting..” The girl muttered more so to herself before getting up to care of her plate, but she was stopped by the host who sat across from her. “Oh- okay then, thank you.” I should have expected him to take care of it..

When he had left with the plates, Naoko decided to strike up a conversation with one of the other girls. With a friendly gaze she turned and looked at Kyo.“So, what's your favorite thing about The Host Club??” she asked the other with a burning sense of curiosity.

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I guess he’s right. I can’t go straight for the kill, that's no fun, but In the meantime I can surely come up with something extra brilliant. Miku nodded her head in agreement, yet she appeared as uninterested as ever from the outside.

In truth, Miss Fujiwara was not too concerned about her reputation until Ichiro brought it up. Though, who would point a finger at her if something really did happen? Yukio was her cousin after all, and Miku wouldn't hurt her family. And she could easily just pretend to enjoy visiting The Host Club to detour any suspicions. Besides, being a member of student council - why would anyone exspect anything bad to come from the most mature and organized group of students at Ouran? Still… Caution should be the number one thing to be focused on.

”Hmm… Fine, I’ll go in there and put on an act, but what will you be doing to help?” she asked in such a tone that made her sound as if she were doing an interrogation. Why am I doing this? I can't believe that I'm actually going to go through with this stupid plan.