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located in Caecilius Woods, a part of Veritas Isle, one of the many universes on RPG.

Caecilius Woods

Caecilius Woods


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Character Portrait: Erorn Swiftblade Character Portrait: James Silverson
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Erorn followed. He wasn't going to get into this shit again. Not with a man who took him hostage. He knew James' weakness, it was the same as Marcus'; he had to be in control. He was a damn perfectionist and everything was his way or no way at all. He thought that if Erorn didn't do things his way it made him weak. He was far stronger than James would ever give him credit for. He kept James in sight, but didn't run anywhere close to full speed. He didn't want to be close enough to talk to him, he was doing his best to keep his temper in check.