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located in Timberland, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.


A simple little town on Earth in the year 2020. Although it has not been popular in the past, recently strange events have started to occur here.


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Character Portrait: Yohan Belmont Character Portrait: Sakuya Lecarde
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Yohan looked up to see Sakuya exiting out of her house, he couldn't help but smile upon seeing her again. Though he was caught off guard when he saw her having a different style of clothes and hair today. He couldn't control himself as a slight blush came to his cheeks and his grin got a little bigger. "Haven't been waiting long, really." He spoke up in response to her. "I didn't want to risk waking you up by accident anyway. Besides, my mom can look after the house anyway for today." Yohan couldn't help but watch her as she stood next to him and asked him more questions. He blinked when she asked him questions about dreams, she wanted to talk to him that badly? He couldn't really deny that feeling, he really wanted to see her again after yesterday. "Well I mean --"

Before he could answer her questions, she pulled him up and ran down the stairs with him! It scared him a little, jolted his senses and forced him to have to hold onto her in order not to fall down. By the time they had stopped, he realized how he was holding her at the moment and slowly let go, looking nervous now. "Sorry..." He couldn't help but feel nervous, holding her in his arms like that hadn't really been what he wanted to do but it just happened. Was it just instinct, or had his body moved the way it did towards her because he felt so close to her all of a sudden? That's when she threw the bag of granola at him and he barely managed to catch it, chuckling nervously as he looked it over and had some.

"Oh, man. This is actually pretty good." He said, unable to help himself as he practically ate it really fast until there was nothing left inside of the bag. A small burp came out of his mouth as he looked really nervous now. "E-excuse me." He said, unable to hold back a nervous chuckle again. "I, uh, I didn't really know what to eat before I left. So I just took out an apple and ate it. Must of been more hungry than I thought I was." He said as he started to walk with her, pulling out his phone really quick to check before looking over at her. "I forgot to mention before, but you can have my phone number to add. I forgot to give it to you and Saiph yesterday, so, here you go." He said while writing it down on a paper and pencil he took out while talking. Once he was done, he handed it over to her without any signs of hesitation. "There. Don't worry about giving me yours for now if you want. I just wanted to make sure you had a way of contacting me again." He gave a small little shrug as he began to walk to school alongside her.

As they began to walk to school together, people began to notice them and that's when the gossip began. Yohan Belmont didn't have the best reputation, he didn't get into any fights but he was also known for being kind of a loner. When girls tried to get his attention, he shot them down faster than the eye could blink. Yet here was Sakuya Lecarde, a pretty girl with an average reputation about her, but she was known for being kind to others. Yet this was most strange of her, to be walking side by side with her neighbor all of a sudden and the two seemed to have eyes on each other. The talk of the school today would become obvious among the students: Had Yohan and Sakuya suddenly become a thing and started hanging out? The students who had never gotten along with either of them would start throwing out a name even before reaching the school, a little pet name as some would see it: Yokuya.

The rumors hadn't started here though. People had caught them supposedly kissing before while Sakuya was seemingly ditching work. People asked questions, and when they got the answer, they started to think something was up. But now the evidence seemed to be right in front of them! It wasn't going to be an easy day for either of them, to say the least. Yohan noticed the people around them acting weird, but he shrugged it off and didn't bother to put too much time or attention into it. "It'll take us a bit to reach the high school by walking, so I'll answer your question about the dreams." Yohan decided it was finally time to tell someone about the bizarre dreams he had been having since before this whole mess started.

"It started on Saturday. I had the weirdest dream, I couldn't really focus on it at the time but now I feel like I have a better idea of what it was. It felt like I was in some kind of castle, this darkness threatened to engulf me and yet I woke up and was fine. Sunday continued that dream. I woke up outside the castle and was suddenly talking like I was in some kind of play based on older times. Monday came and changed everything. Suddenly I was talking to some weird people about drinking something. I can't fully remember the details, but I can't seem to recall any other dreams besides those ones." Yohan turned to look over at her and suddenly realized how absurd everything he was saying sounded.

"Oh, right, sorry. Didn't mean to sound stupid or weird, I just wanted to be honest. It feels like I have these dreams, and yet, I can't fully remember them. It's like there are others having the same dreams I am now, and when that happens, I can't fully recall all the details because of this split focus." Yohan rubbed his head and tried giving her a smile to put her worries to rest. "I'm sure it's nothing. Today's just going to be an average day at school, right?" That's when Yohan stopped and looked over to see something. Only the two of them could really see it at the moment, a woman was being mugged by two guys! One of them was holding a gun at her, the other was taking her purse and forcing her to put her things inside. It was horrible, to say the least.

"Alright lady, you ain't going to speak about any of this to the cops." The thug holding her purse spoke up. "If you say a word, we'll find ya and have ya sleeping with da fishes! We didn't do nothing besides stealing yer things, so be glad you is getting off lucky. We ain't got time to waste, darling. Be thankful we in a good mood." The thug looked over towards his partner. "Don't bother wasting one giving a warning shot today. You heard about the deaths, right? We could be next for all we know!" The thug turned to leave, when an arm came slamming into his face and knocked him off his feet, the purse getting sent flying back out of his hands as he slammed down into the ground with some force.

"Oi, no one gets to be a hero today!" The thug with the gun pointed straight for Yohan's head, only to find his gun suddenly jammed. His eyes going cross-eyed for a moment as he looked over at his gun, only to get more of the same. "What is dis?! I'm jammed!" The thug found himself swept off his feet and a leg slamming full force into his chest before he hit the ground. Yohan took a few steps back, standing between them and the lady as both got up and looked over at him. However, both of them heard an unusual ringing in their ears that caused them to feel sick suddenly. "Dis ain't da time! Let's go!" The thugs both left in a panic, Yohan picking up the purse and giving it to the lady before she ran off in a hurry to find the police to report them to the thugs. Yohan walked back over to Sakuya calmly, though she could tell he was strained a bit now.

"Echo Transfer." Yohan let out while giving her a smile. "Yeah. For some reason, something's telling me that's the name of this power I have. So that's what I'm going to call it from now on. I hope it doesn't sound silly or anything like that, but well, can't beat what the heart is telling you, right?" He chuckled nervously as he shook his head while feeling a bit nauseous again. "Ah geez, this is really going to get hard to get used to now. Every time I use it, I strain myself. The more I use it, the more strain that comes. Sorry if I'm a hindrance right now, but I'm not going to just stand by and completely use my powers while people are in trouble."

Meanwhile, the two thugs managed to stop and get some fast breathing off once they were far away from where Yohan was. "Thought we were in de clear there!" One of the thug's shouted out to the other. "Gawd dayum it! Now we in trouble! We were careless! We got to go into hiding for a little while before --" The thug suddenly stopped as he felt a sudden pain rush through his heart. The thug gripped his chest as the other thug began to panic, backing up away as the first thug got down to his knees. "Heart... Attack.... Me...? How?" The first thug fell face first to the ground, dead. The other thug tried to run away in panic, but felt the same pain his partner did. As much as he struggled to remain standing, he quickly fell to his knees and then, he too collapsed. A card slips out of one of the thug's shirt pockets, a calling card of sorts that had been going around to criminals as of late. The card held only a sinister looking smirk on it.