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located in Blackout Zone, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Blackout Zone

Those who care not for living under the heel over their government frequently make use of what have become dubbed as 'blackout zones'. Criminal activity is most prevalent within these ares of the city, due to their characterized lack of surveillance.


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He would cross his arms and nod in agreement with Lance. “though these hunters?, they aren’t Aschen, it seems, and well, I’m just...throwing ideas at the barn door and hoping something sticks, the troops up in that camp won’t take kindly to those guys becoming a threat, and well we help them they help us” he shrugged, it was an idea and in no way they needed to follow it.

It was a trick he had used all the time back home, draw an attacker out play the victim and have the police deal with them, either way, he turned to allow the other two to continue talking, he made his way outside and stood just outside the exit, the shield still by his person barely moving away from his arm or even lagging behind.