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located in World, a part of Afflicted, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Rosemary C. Maes Character Portrait: Pandora Sylvester Character Portrait: Anthony Ramos Character Portrait: Ameera Modi
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rosemary maes
dialogue: #7ea895....thought: #bd9540
Rose silently went over the so-called plan in her mind, again and again. The blonde wasn't very happy with the vagueness of the group's plan for infiltrating the camp, since she very much preferred to know exactly what she was doing, but Rosemary couldn't afford to be picky in this situation. She and the other IAAN kids had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (an opportunity that had very little wiggle room, but an opportunity nonetheless), and Rose wasn't going to let it go to waste.

Three years. It had been three years since Rose had last seen her brother, and without Rory in her life, Rose was fully aware that her mental state definitely wasn't the healthiest. She and Rory were incredibly close, despite their four-year age difference. Rose was infinitely angry at her elder brother for allowing himself to get captured in order to save her, but beneath that blind anger was grief and silent mourning.

Rose was an incredibly logical thinker - almost to the point of heartlessness. No matter her emotional connections to someone, if it benefited the situation, the blonde would have thrown them into a smelting pit with no regrets. She was known among her peers to be rather cold and harsh with her thinking - she never acted upon her heart, only upon her head. However, Rory was the one and only exception to all of that.

That's why Rose so willingly chose to go with her team's shaky plan. In any other circumstance, Rose would've noted the low success rate of the mission, and with that in mind, wholeheartedly back out of the entire shenanigan, saying it was far too risky, given the costs. But having the chance to save her brother lured the blonde in, and at this point, there was no backing out.

Rosemary was shaken out of her thoughts as someone rapped their knuckles on the wall sharply. She turned her head, a harsh yet passive look in her currently silver eyes. The seventeen-year-old green who had requested her attention - Kennedy Marlow, the only ambiguous person Rose knew an inkling about - had been around long enough to grow used to Rose's default expression. The kid beamed at the blonde, ignoring the coldness in her gray eyes. "Hey, Rose!" they greeted cheerily, unaffected by Rose's stoic behavior. "You might've already known this, but Pandora, Tony, and the others are all ready to go!" Kennedy's face fell slightly before they continued with their speaking. "This mission is risky, so good luck. But knowing you guys, Rose, you and the others will definitely pull it off!" Rose cocked her head slightly at Kennedy's overly optimistic behavior - it reminded her of Isaac Neill, who she wasn't very fond of, in all honesty.

"Despite our abilities," Rose countered, "the plan still has a rather low success rate. But your encouragement, although slightly unrealistic, is appreciated." Rose stood up, heading out the door as Kennedy beamed, unfazed by Rose's bluntness.

"Go kick some ass!" Kennedy cheered, ignoring the irked out stares sent their way. Rosemary waved them off on reflex, and at the gesture, Kennedy bounced off to talk to their very small group of friends.

Rose nodded in greeting at the others as she settled into the car. The entire team was completely silent throughout the entire car ride, no one bothering to make a sound.

The group parked about a mile or so away from the facility, hiding their car before they began their trek. As the group reached the edge of the forest, Tony turned around, a somber but mainly neutral expression on his face. "Well, this is probably one of the riskiest things we've ever done, and I can't guarantee anything. If things go south I'll try to hold them off as long as I can but you all need to use that to get the hell out. You have to promise that none of you will stay behind, I can't have any of you get taken, not again."

"Bullshit," Rosemary interrupted immediately. "You're a red, Tony; if they catch you, there's a very large chance that you'll be killed on the spot. Besides, you're one of us too. No need to act all noble in putting us first, you should be concerned with your safety as well."

After that, Tony went over the team's plans, making sure to cover all the details (there aren't many, Rose noticed glumly). Tony turned to Pandora, squeezing her shoulder before directing his next words to her. "After we get over that wall, you're first up Sparky. I don't know how much time we have before we set of some kind off alarm so you're going to have to work fast, are you ready?"

Pandora adjusted her earpiece slightly before responding. "I am ready," she told the group reassuringly. "I’ll go over the wall first and then take care of the fence. Though, everyone start heading to the wall once I am at the top of it. I’ll let everyone know if they should retreat…by the time you guys get over the wall, the fence should be down." Pandora looked everybody in the eye, before she turned to Tony and whispered something into his ear. Being the type of person she is, Rosemary used her powers to catch a quick glimpse in both Pandora and Tony's minds to get the gist of their conversation.

If things go south, Pandora's staying? Rose mused to herself. Sure, she's not my favorite person in the world, but she has the right idea.

As soon as the dark-haired girl finished speaking to Tony, she dashed away immediately, not giving Tony any time to respond as Pandora started to scale the wall. After Pandora absorbed the electricity in the fence, Rose and the others started up the wall. As Rosemary reached the top of the wall, a guard caught sight of her, freezing for a couple moments. Rose wasted no time; she immersed herself in the guard's mind, forcing him to turn away and walk about 400 meters. She erased his memory of her immediately, forming a new one that made sense with the guard's new position.

Once she got that over with, Rosemary dropped to the ground, wincing slightly at the impact. The guard caught sight of me, Rose sent a telepathic message to the rest of her teammates. I erased his most recent memories and made him walk a considerable distance, so Tony, Meera, you can start with the diversion as Pandora and I get Izzy and Rory out.