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located in Hibernation Manifold, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hibernation Manifold

Carved from the earth by creatures lurking within Wing City to store all the Humankind they are unable to rekindle. Deaths postponed by the aethermechanics of Myrkul's Vein.


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The hospital was now working, thanks largely to the TLA populating it with workers, though its infrastructure was found in excellent condition. There were walls, windows, and the occasional ceiling missing when they arrived but several days after reconstruction began the lights started working and many of the holes inside inner walls ceased to exist. Security cameras that still worked at the time largely showed voids simply growing shut. Not even a crack of damage remaining. The only obstinate portion of the hospital was the elevators that refused to stay connected by power for hours at a time much to the local electrician's irritation.

When the hospital returned to use and doctors began trying to save the injured its morgue started once more to take in those whom could not be saved. Far more than they had the personnel to handle the dead bodies mounted but somehow the morgue never seemed to run out of drawers. Records weren't easy to keep in the first few days when medical systems were a higher priority but it soon became apparent that not all bodies that arrived ever left. Though the morticians kept dutiful watch nobody ever broke in to steal from the drawers and it seemed that they simply vanished from the drawers entirely.


Most certainly they did. Deep below the hospital the Jinhai had constructed a hibernation array for those bodies they could not yet rekindle. Parts were lacking with so many thrones of mankind coming into the hospital in reasonable condition to be saved. The bodies were psychoported out of the drawers directly into stasis arrays to keep them from deteriorating. The task was immense for the the population of Jinhai that existed in the city at first and the deaths among the imperial guard and the city's own protective forces took priority.

Today the first rekindled bodies among the citizenry were completed. A dozen stone plates with pillars to stack upon and keep them safely free of the rekindled. Each plate lay around a small square dias among the gigantic multi-layered chamber where citizens in various states of disrepair were kept idle until their thrones of mankind could be rekindled. Some local forces of humankind were candidates for true rekindling and so they had priority and remained near the dias. The Jinhai didn't have a discriminate taste and counted the TLA as much as the police department for higher priority as they both had uniforms indicating wing city, but they first needed to become self-sufficient to encode their template. Two otherwise prioritized individuals among the dozen had newly-beating hearts could not survive true rekindling and lay among the dozen citizens sleeping idly. Their clothing and uniforms repaired to pristine quality. The shades and structure of limbs relatively matched what should be but Jinhai were not so attentive to cleaning limbs of tattoos as much as they cleaned dissonant biological patterns from foreign limbs. Many of those the Jinhai recognized as threats to mankind, mostly those that were known violent murderers gleaned from their awareness of public documents, were instead cleansed of useful parts instead of rekindled.

An elevator's lower half floated down from above its car-top dangling as those in the hospital wondered why it was taking so long. As it set down on the square Jinhai slowly stacked the plates on top of each other three layers of four wide until chest height. The elevator levitated upward as a Jinhai remotely operated the carefully remanufactured elevator and sent the mechanics to the ground floor where impatient humankind waited for their elevator. Humankind would take care of the rekindled from there.