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located in Timberland, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.


A simple little town on Earth in the year 2020. Although it has not been popular in the past, recently strange events have started to occur here.


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Character Portrait: Saiph Grimms Character Portrait: Iron Kaiser
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In the Timberland Highschool gym, Kraus stood in the middle of the ball court, performing one-armed pushups, his other arm behind his back. This was not unusual for him, nor too unusual in general for a gym teacher to exercise, what was unusual was, if others could see it, Puck sitting on his back Indian style, rubbing his chin and pondering. Kraus paid it no mind as he switches arms upon reaching a count of 20.

"It is a good start, a few criminals here and there, but we are going to have to up the game to keep it interesting," Puck comments propping his arms behind the back of his neck, kicking his feet up. Kraus doesn't seem to pay him much mind as he continues to exercise. "Imagine it, up on the grand stage, hah, the great Iron Kaiser against a real menace! Wouldn't that be thrilling!?"

"Hnf... say, those two could see you, I thought only I could," Kraus says finally, regarding the encounter with Takeo and Sebastian. Puck simply slaps a hand over his cheek and leans over beside Kraus's face, a wide grin cracks across his face.

"What I said was that normal people can't see me, or did I forget that specification?" he responds, his tone half playful, half mocking. Kraus's eyes dart to Puck for a brief moment, stopping briefly, his facial expression tensing momentarily, before casting his eyes forward and continuing his exercise. "In fact, pretty well everyone back there..."

"Yeah, I get it, everyone had some kind of magical power back there, even that dog," he says with a sigh. Puck's expression blanks for a moment, he had almost forgotten that Kraus actually has brains in that thick skull of his. "The sudden reappearance of Yohan's older brother and mother, and then... Sebastian Winters, there is something up with that guy. And then there was that strange girl there that you said normal people can't see either. She like you?"

"Oh her? Different, she was some kind of part human hybrid, she seemed harmless enough, though," Puck answers, folding his arms as he levitates up off Kraus's back and flips upside down. He starts to walk in the air like this, as if there were ground under his feet, pacing around, each step leaving a shimmering ripple ring in the air, rubbing his chin. He stops and grins, his eyes aglow as he snaps a look back down at Kraus. "That man, on the other hand, well, lets just say his heart has shadows, and who knows what those will grow into."

"Ominous, but should something come of it," Kraus begins, stopping and sitting up, wiping his brow, a stern look on his face. "Someone will have to step in."

"Oh I do hope so!" Puck exclaims, holding out his arms. "We need more conflict!" Suddenly there are footsteps heard upon the gym floor, and upon hearing them, the bizarre Puck fades out. "What is she doing here?"

The steps came from Saiph who had entered the school gym. She was now dressed in a black rabbit themed hoodie, the sleeves too long for her arms, and a skirt that went down to her knees. Her eyes were obscured by some goggles, with the same red tint as her bodysuit. She wore a pair of purple laced black boots. Kraus watches just from the corner of his eye as she dances about before flopping down on the bleachers and just stares down at him. Kraus attempts to avoid direct eye contact, and just keep wiping his face with a towel.

"Soooo... you can see me, can't ya?" She says titlting her head to the side and rubbing her cheek with her right sleeve. Kraus stands up and begins to walk away, not intent to answer that. She stretches and lays back. "I mean, you are maybe it just seems like you're tryin' too hard to ignore me? I dunno, could just be how you act normally, I mean, hah, that'd be weird, a gym teacher suddenly being able to see what is supposed to be invisible to normal people. Yeaaaah..." She then pops onto her feet and begins fallowing Kraus, her hands behind her back, and waving a hand to the side of his face, then hopping around him in circles. Amazingly Kraus was unfazed, even though he actually could see her, his self control admirable, but inside his mind was stressing to remain composure, especially when she started making silly faces in front of him. "Wow, you are either really good, or just some regular guy after all. Eh, annyyywhoooo~ even though you probably can't hear it... um, thanks for the games, they were really cool." With that she skips back to the bleachers and sits down, looking like a perfect angel.

"Bravo! And they considered flunking you from drama class! Hah!" Puck says to Kraus as he walks into the locker room, who was just now staring at a locker, his right eye twitching. "So much for hitting the showers, what, with an invisible woman skulking about," Puck laughs, but Kraus simply plants his head against the locker, letting out a small whimper.